The function of western sports in advance

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"Cash in advance" is GPI independent youterplatformExclusive offers for players to win the loss mitigation play, is it just a regret medicine so simple? Let Xiaobian weiweidaolai.

Sports arena rapidly changing, who can not predict what the final result is one hundred percent? Escape from the success of the "black" happy joy is no less than a win "red", Xiao Bian believe that this is the "honor" charm. But at the same time to celebrate the victories in the game player may also ignore the "cash in advance" function -- another major advantage of immediate settlement cash injection, short period can be a bet for the next!

ComparisonBaccaratperhapsOne-arm banditGames, sports games are relatively long game cycle so that limited funds players can not be more than a few bets in the short term. and"Cash in advance" function of the immediate settlement greatly shorten the betting cycle, allowing players to be in the same event time, with the same principal for more sports betting.

[advance cash]
The function for W88 youter (Asia) and western sports betting (European version).

Small football bets for everyone to explain how to use the simple.[advance cash]Function.

First select your interested position, click the odds of a bet. As shown in the following figure:


Show your betting page after clicking[confirmation note] - [confirmation]Complete betting. As shown in the following figure:


After the confirmation note, the page will automatically display[advance cash]Window, you can click on the arrow icon to honor.


1 cash in advance is not the amount of the original amount will be returned, the specific amount of the system will be calculated according to the corresponding proportion of their own. (for example: the current situation of the game, the situation of the goal, the length of the game and other factors) this amount is up and down, you can consider the cash.
2 this early cash function, the system will automatically look at the situation [open] or [off].
3 use the "cash in advance" function, betting amount will not be calculated water and return water.

[is being honored]As shown in the following figure:


[completion]After the completion of the advance of the note, your balance will automatically increase, you can view. You can also click on the top of the betting pageBetting history查看此注单详情。As shown in the following figure:


Exceptional case:

Betting type with this function:For example: String off "3 strings of 1", "the 4 string of 1", etc..

不Betting type with this function:For example:"Asia to make the ball, "champion" and the system string off.

"Cash in advance" is a single note and then according to the betting odds. For example: members bet the audience more than 3 balls. If the size of the page changes the size of the audience, into more than 4 balls, then members can not be cashed. If after the recovery of greater than 3 balls, a single injection can be carried out cash, and so on)

Analysis of so much, I believe you for the early cash this feature has a more in-depth understanding of it! Want a go people to log on to the western sports game fun.

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