Youter Club – Black Jack (GPI)


The 21 point game is a very interesting card game, first appeared in sixteenth Century, originated in france. If the game player to get "A" black and white "J", will give additional incentives, English name is Black Jack (Blackjack).

Game play:

The 21 point is to play the game with the players and the location of the 4 gambling tables and bookmakers gambling. In the game can accommodate unlimited number of players in the four players to play the game table position. More than one player can bet on the same position. If 2 players bet in the same position, one of the players can choose to suspend another player can choose to continue to license. In this case, the dealer will be issued in other positions, but the choice of the players will not be suspended card.

Rules of the game:

  • The 21 point of the game is the player and the dealer's card which put closer to 21 points, more than 21 points is not included
  • In the 21 point A can be counted as 1 points or 11 points, the public card to do the calculation of the 10 points, the other side of the card according to its corresponding value.
  • The combination of the trump card for a A and the value of 10 points to form Black Jack, won the bet will be the player bet 1.5 times
  • If the player's points are closer to 21 points than the dealer's points, the player wins the same amount of bets
  • If the number is higher than 21, the player loses the game
  • If the player and the dealer has the same number of points (17-21 points), the principal will be returned.


21 of the rules of the game at the club to follow the rules of the game, the following rules for additional rules:

  • Zhuang 17 point suspension
  • Players can not split the cards have been removed hand.
  • Only the card face is A or 8 pairs of points
  • Allow doubling of the license plate
  • The dealer shall not break 21 points in any case. If the player and the dealer has 21 points, the principal will be returned.
  • Double is allowed only when the first 2 cards have a point of 11
  • If the game player doubles and dealer first PIP value is 10, the dealer get 21 points, only to lose the first game player bet.
  • In the case of 8 cards in a row without exploding, your hand will automatically win unless the dealer Black Jack (point 21) wins.

How to play:

  • In a limited period of time to carry out betting, once the selected betting position will be distributed to the board and the designated location can also be placed on the card.
  • Players will get 2 cards, the dealer will get 1 cards
  • After the start of the game from the beginning of the desktop 1 Bo can choose:To license, suspension, doubleAnd if necessaryInsurance
  • When choosingdoubleYou will double your bet and the amount will be deducted from your balance.
  • You must select the bet type within the specified time, and the system will be automatically suspended if no system is selected. In the case of the need for a card if no distribution system will automatically default to give up
  • If a player in the position of the explosion card (if all players have to choose the card and all the cards) this round automatically ends. The second cards will be distributed out of the dealer will not distribute the third cards.

Sub brand:

On the basis of the best strategy, only the combination of A and 8 will automatically activate the card. In this case, you can choose to give up or give up. If you do not want to choose to give up the card, you will leave the game, the principal returned. If you choose the card, the card will pay the same card, the bet will be deducted from the balance of the account. Each card can be selected after the licensing, suspension or double.

Be careful:

  • A brand face card can only be a card
  • 21 points on the A card and other 10 points will be treated as an ordinary rather than a Black Jack
  • If the player does not have enough money to split the card, the system will not perform as abandoned

Best strategy:

In the case of the card, you can choose to license, suspension, or to give up the cards are based on the best strategy

Player top 2 cards Can choose
Ace, Ace Card, give up
2,2 To license, suspension
3,3 To license, suspension
4,4 To license, suspension
5,5 To license, suspension
6,6 To license, suspension
7,7 To license, suspension
8,8 Card, give up
9,9 To license, suspension
10,10 To license, suspension
J, J To license, suspension
Q, Q To license, suspension
K, K To license, suspension


The current 2 card face points for the 11 points, allowing double. The bet will be doubled (the bet is taken out of the account alone), and the double dealer will only pay 1 cards.
Be careful:

  • Double after only the distribution of a card
  • If the player does not have enough money to bet on double, the system will automatically double the bet

Side note:


在21点中Insurance被认为是一种自身的策略。如果庄家面牌是一张 A ,你有一次机会买Insurance。当你买Insurance时,你赌庄家有一个 21 点。如果你认为庄家可能有一个 21 点的话,这可让你尽力保护自己。买Insurance时,通过点击Insurance按钮,你所下的注为你首次赌金次的一半。如果庄家确实有 21 点,你将以 2 比 1 的赔率按Insurance赌注获得奖金。如果庄家没有 21 点,你输掉Insurance赌注。

Be careful:

  • Insurance的投注时间和其他投注类型的投注时间一致
  • 如果玩家没有足够的金额投注Insurance,系统将取消Insurance投注

Perfect pair:

完美对牌是投注于Player top 2 cards或庄家前2张牌的对子,可以同时投注于庄家对牌或玩家对牌。

Player perfect pairDealer perfect pair

Betting Rules are as follows:

  • Player perfect pair获胜需要Player top 2 cards是“完美对牌”“Same color pair”“混合对牌”
  • The banker is perfect for the winning card requires the first 2 cards before the dealer is the perfect pair of cards, the same color on the card"
    • The perfect brand to win the payout odds according to the desktop or game player needs the odds, banker's card is a perfect pair, for example: a box of 4
    • The same color on the cards to win payouts on the desktop in accordance with the odds odds, need game player or the banker is the same color on the card, such as 4 and 4 red box
    • The color cards win odds on the desktop in accordance with the payout odds, game player or banker need a mix of cards, for example: 4 of diamonds and 4 of spades
  • You can bet on the player and the dealer to the card
  • No bets can be bet bets before the next note


Win 1 lost 1
Insurance 2 lost 1
Black Jack (21 points) 3 lost 2
Drop a card 100% principal refund
Drop a card 6 lost 1
Same color pair 12 lost 1
Same color pair 25 lost 1

Rule clauses:

  1. Pin card
    • The first 4 cards of each round will not be used in the game
    • If you do not have the ability to sell, the results of this Council is invalid. If it does not affect the result of the game, it will be corrected later
    • The manager reserves the right to cancel the card.
  2. Public brand
    • In any game, any card (other than the card) that is exposed in the game will be considered invalid
    • In any game, any card (other than the card) that is exposed in the game will be considered invalid
  3. Bring out excess cards (exposure)
    • The extra cards will not affect the result of the game after the game begins
  4. Falling cards
    • When the card is not displayed in the video during the shuffle, the card will be picked up and reused.
    • If a card that is not visible outside the video will be used again. Otherwise, the specific game aside, brand boots again.
  5. Send a wrong card
    • Troubleshooting cards will separate out on the spot, to send the card.
    • The manager reserves the right to cancel the card.
  6. Card machine card
    • 发牌机卡牌后管理者有权及时修复,The manager reserves the right to cancel the card.
    • If before the licensing of card machine has 21 points of the game began to send the card, the dealer first card not 10 or A, while the winner will still payout.
    • If before the licensing of card machine card has won, bonuses will still payout.
  7. Break
    • In the case of disconnection, the system will default suspension, in the case of the system will default to give up

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