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The rotation of lucky experience Madden stimulus filled with the opportunity to play poker only in Dezhou, the top TwoThree0 game player will have the opportunity to share the $One00000 bonus. Win the game now!

How to apply:

OneThis event began on July One, Two0OneSix 00:00:00 (Beijing time), as of FiveNine:FiveNine:FiveNine (Beijing time) on July ThreeOne, Two0OneSix.
Two during the event, all lucky players can participate in this round of discount.
Three during the event, as long as the lucky turntable to buy, regardless of the amount can be accumulated.
Four each game has no impact on the outcome of this activity.
Five bonus will be added to the player's account after the event.
Six this offer is only for entertainment players, the GPI platform has the right to cancel this offer to any member or any member at any time.


ranking Cash bonus
One $OneTwo,000
Two $Nine000
Three $Seven000
Four $FiveFive00
Five $Four,Five00
Six $Three,SevenFive0
Seven $Three,Three00
Eight $Three,000
Nine $Two,SevenFive0
One0 $Two,Five00
OneOne $Two,TwoFive0
OneTwo $Two,000
OneThree $One,SevenFive0
OneFour $One,Five00
OneFive $One,Four00
OneSix $One,Three00
OneSeven $One,Two00
OneEight $One,One00
OneNine $One,000
Two0 $NineFive0
TwoOne $Nine00
TwoTwo $EightFive0
TwoThree $Eight00
TwoFour $SevenFive0
TwoFive $Seven00
TwoSix $SixFive0
TwoSeven $Six00
TwoEight $FiveFive0
TwoNine $Five00
Three0 $FourFive0
ThreeOne-Four0 $Four00
FourOne-Five0 $ThreeFive0
FiveOne-Six0 $Three00
SixOne-Seven0 $TwoFive0
SevenOne-Eight0 $Two00
EightOne-Nine0 $OneFive0
NineOne-One00 $One00
One0One-OneSix0 $SevenFive
OneSixOne-TwoThree0 $Five0