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虚拟体育Virtual sports V sports strong incoming! Break through the conventional entertainment mode, using the latest 3D technology virtual reality sports project. Virtual events give you a different visual sense, take you to enjoy the extraordinary game experience. Immediately log in and try your luck!

3D虚拟赛事This new sports belong to virtual sports for the Betaland platform. The sport provides five major events for each player to have more choice of space.Football, basketball, tennis, horse racing and greyhoundMeet your various betting needs. Come and look at it!

Virtual football: Based on full real data, high-frequency sports betting 24 hours a day without clearance!

With the betting page marked with the match of the day, the race is on time, the first half \/ second half betting slips, I bet the details, live scores, score, time table, and you can manually select the event information. (as shown below)

The League consists of 16 teams and seasons. A total of 30 matches per season (main game). You can bet at any time during the season!

A season of 141 minutes, including the preseason, regular season and playoffs". Pre season starts in the season, 2 minutes and 30 seconds. "Regular season" has collected all the match days, 137 minutes and 30 seconds, and the season ended with a playoff run of 60 seconds".

The betting page display event \/ team name, and details the handicap betting options.

"End result":The final result of the game, "1" for the "home team" to win, "or" 2 "for the win," or "X" and "bureau".

"For the first time":The first betting scoring team, "1" for the "home team" to win, "or" 2 "for the win," or "X" and "bureau".

Half court":The first half is the result of "home" or "the" win or win "and administration". Click on the odds to bet. (as shown below)

足球2Game day details:Each day for 4 minutes and 35 seconds, including "before" and "first half" and "half" and "second half", "game" and "game day after". Before the game, the game starts for 60 seconds. "First half" and "second half" of the last 1 minutes and 30 seconds, "intermission" 10 seconds, 10 seconds after the end of each game "game" and "game day after 15 seconds".

Betting:Each virtual football tournament is closed to 10 seconds before the start of the season, the season will be open to other upcoming events. The upcoming match day can be selected by the bottom of the "select match day" button, the odds will be displayed on the day of the game.

Virtual basketball: more than 3300 events a day, fast bets, single note string off any choice!

Betting page shows betting position, team, score, different, betting list, my betting details.
Play the team logo can directly view video playback.
"One", "two", "three", "four"That is, one or two, three or four.
"Full court"The score of the audience".
"Race to X"Which team in the two team to get the first 20, 40, 60 points.
Bets can be viewed below the page"Countdown", "race day", "tournament related information"Etc.. (below) Note: bet countdown for 3 minutes and 20 seconds.


How to play:Virtual basketball to provide all-weather real money betting virtual basketball experience. Run by 16 teams and season. Each season consists of 30 match days (host and guest). Any time you can bet – even in a season.

Season details:A season lasts 105 minutes and is divided into "preseason", "regular season", and "playoffs". Preseason first began, lasting 2:30 minutes. All matches are summed up as "regular season" with a total length of 137 minutes and 30 seconds. At the end of each season, there are 60 seconds".

Game day details:A game lasts 3:00 minutes. Including "before", "the first day", "second day", "half the time", "section third", "fourth ’ (fourth, overtime if the game after a tie score is" overtime ")." before the start for 20 seconds. The game lasts 3 minutes, half a second in 10 seconds. After each game is 20 seconds in the playoffs.

Betting:10 seconds before the start of the game. Other upcoming events in the season will remain open betting. When the game schedule button is about to begin, the odds table at the bottom will automatically scroll to the appropriate location.

Miscellaneous:All games are broadcast live video, integrated media player to play in the browser. You can freely switch between eight available game days or just select your favorite game. The simulation of the game is a combination of artificial intelligence and independent random number generator. At the same time, the performance parameters of the virtual basketball players are based on professional basketball players (such as score, physical fitness, continuous game statistics, quantity, etc.).

Virtual tennis: each 3.5 minutes of betting, the highest frequency of sports betting experience!

The betting page has an instant score, the upcoming event, the betting list and my betting details. The name of the event and the extent of the event, betting column details. (as shown below)


How to play:Virtual tennis offers a real money betting virtual tennis experience around the clock, where we have to run 2 knockout cup games. There are 4 rounds per game, the 16 players (the 16 round, the 8 round, the semi-finals, the final). In order to make sure there is enough time to bet, there will always be 2 matches between the grass and the hard glass. When the cup is held, the other cup is open.

Game details:A cup lasts 25 minutes and 30 seconds, including the "Introduction" of the game in the first 15 seconds before the start of the cup, the "round of the cup", each with a cup of 3 minutes and 30 seconds, and the world cup celebration at the end of each cup".

Bout cup:One cup duration 3:30 minutes. All available games are fully aired (16 rounds of =8 games, the final round of the =4 game, the =2 game, the final =1 field), where it is made by the customer to switch between the video game.

Betting:10 seconds before the start of the game. Always bets before the game (on the grass Cup round of betting, and hard cup wheel is underway, and vice versa) opened at least 3:30 minutes.

Miscellaneous:All games are broadcast live video, integrated media player to play in the browser. You can freely switch between all available matches per cup or just follow your favorite game. The simulation of the game is a combination of artificial intelligence and independent random number generator. At the same time, the performance parameters of virtual tennis players are based on professional tennis players (for example, in the score, physical fitness, continuous game statistics, etc.).

Virtual horse racing: 3 minutes to update, high times more than race race day!

Each horse has a number, called the "horse", you can view the video according to Mahao racing identify you bet.

"Win \/ position"Is the first, second, or third place you have chosen for the race.
"Winner"It means that you will win the first place in the race.
"Betting is not the first time"You are betting on the horse race is not the first.
"Ranking (3)"Refers to the horse race in the top three, you do not need the right order.
"Direct prediction (3)"Refers to the number of horses you have chosen in the top three.

Betting page details (pictured below)


"Forecast"Betting is divided into:Watch the forecast"andDouble prediction".
"Direct forecast"是指通过单项预测投注第一或第二The正确顺序.
Double prediction"是指您也可以投注双重预测,只要您选择The2匹马获得前两名,不需要正确The顺序.

Betting page details (pictured below)


"Three color"Betting is divided into:"Straight three color"andDouble color three".
"Straight three color"是指投注必须选择3匹马,您认为第一、第二and第三The正确顺序.
Double color three"是指只要您选择The3匹马获得前三名,不需要正确The顺序.

Betting page details (pictured below)


How to play:虚拟赛马提供全天候The真钱投注虚拟赛马体验.赛事运行两个独立并行The比赛通道,每个通道都显示连续生成The赛马日.比赛开始前10秒截止投注.当前赛马日The其他所有比赛都保持开放投注.

Horse racing day:赛马日是连续生成The,新The一个将在当前The赛马日结束后尽快启动.单个比赛日包括9场比赛在同一赛道(草皮或泥土)共计35分钟.

Horse racing:取决于参赛马(8,10或12马)and比赛The间隔(每轨道3个不同The间隔),每一场比赛有大约总持续时间3至5分钟,分割为’赛事开始’(15秒),“赛马介绍”(每匹马6秒),’投注停止“(10秒),”竞赛“(70至160秒,取决于比赛间隔)and’赛事结束“(10秒).在比赛日开始/结束还有一个“赛马日开始”/“赛马日结束”(各30秒).



Virtual dog: speed experience, every 2 minutes non-stop betting!




How to play:虚拟赛狗提供全天候The真钱投注虚拟赛狗体验.虚拟赛狗不断产生交替The轨道,其中每个赛日由12场比赛组成.比赛开始前10秒截止投注,本赛日其他即将开始The比赛都保持开放投注.

Match day details:赛日将不断生成 ,新The一个将在当前The赛日结束后尽快启动.单次赛日盖12场比赛在同一赛道(白天或晚上轨道)共计26分钟15秒.







"Win \/ position"The"Winner"即为您所选The赛马会获得第一名.
"Ranking (2)"即为您所选The赛马会获得第一名或第二名.
"Display (3)"即为您所选The赛马或获得第一名、第二名或第三名.

Betting page details (pictured below)


"Forecast"Divided into:Watch the forecast"andDouble prediction".
Watch the forecast"即为通过单项预测投注第一and第二The正确顺序.
Double prediction"即为您也可以投注双重预测,只要您选择The两只狗获得前2名,不需要正确The顺序,您将赢得您The赌注.

Betting page details (pictured below)


"Three color"Divided into:"Straight three color"andDouble color three".
"Straight three color"即为投注必须选择3只赛狗,您认为第一、第二and第三The正确The顺序.
Double color three"即为您也可以投注双重预测,只要您选The2只狗获得前二名,不需要正确The顺序,您将赢得您The赌注.

赛狗三重彩Greyhound details:取决于比赛间隔(3个不同The间隔)The单一比赛大约总时间1.5至4分钟,包括’赛事开始’(65秒),“赌注停止”(10秒),“竞赛”(22,36或48秒,取决于比赛间隔)and“赛末”(15秒).在赛日开始/结束还有一个“会议开始”/“会议结束”(45/30秒).



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