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Youter is now the four largest sports betting platform, so you have more choice of betting space, the most humane sports betting. Small make up a move to let the rookie rookie sports quickly change the way to quickly share it!

The four major sports betting platform provides youter are: [SB] oriental sports platform, western sports, sports X [GPI platform] [CMD platform] [Betaland] virtual sports platform.

Common handicap

* Hongkong plate -HK
* European disk -DEC (decimal)
* Malay plate -MY
* Indonesia disk -IND
* US disk -US (%)
* fractional disk


With the western sports (European Edition) as an example, to enter the betting page at the top of the page name handicap display, mouse floating to the inverted triangle region (Figure) you can view other bets.

How to calculate the odds of winning or losing

Hongkong plate and the European plate is no negative water plate, between them is+1In fact, the package does not include the difference between the principal.

Malaysia disc lose less win, win lose Indonesia disc, two have positive and negative water plate.

Malay disk \/ Indonesian dish is the same as the water plate and the Hongkong plate, negative water plate is used1 divided by negative waterThe absolute value is the Hongkong plate. The odds and the odds are the opposite of the pan and Indonesian plates.

The odds of using the U.S. disk is the percentage of the integer display. Is the water tray100XHongkong plate, the negative plate is100XIndonesian dish.

Water is the odds of winning odds to lose the principal, while the odds of negative is to win the odds of winning the principal. (winning odds: PrincipalXWithout the principal of the odds

Position available in let the ball size, single and double, other betting types are the default in europe.


Bet type

Let the ball size * * * audience & half 1 time 2 single and double 3 total goals 4 goals the first \/ last goal

* * the first half & mixed up * winning champion

盘口显示-优德W88官网Basic betting page (western sports)

More bets

1 neither party \/ party \/ both
2 total goals
3 double chance
4 winning team
Three 5 items to make points
6 clean sheets
7 clean sheets Shengfang
8 single team single pair
The 9 corner

常见Bet type

* let the ball \/ let the points (HDP):Refers to the assumption to make the fractional previously added to one party, or on the basis of the final result prediction.
* size (O\/U):The two teams refers to the total number of goals, numerical prediction is greater than or less than a handicap.
*0.25> > 0-0.5> > two cases, if it is to let the ball 0 final results for the _; if the final result is _ ball 0.5
* 1X2:Usually 1 Main (Home)XAnd (Draw) 2 guest (Away)
* full court & half court
The 1 time (correct Score) 5-0UP\/0-5UP net win 5 or more balls
2 single and double (Odd\/Even) containing 0.
3 total goals (Total Goal) (interval 0-1; 2-3; 4-6; above 7)
4 first \/ last
* half court & full court (HT& FT)
* mixed clearance (Mix Parlay)At least 3 different races, five big league (Serie A League Liga Bundesliga Ligue 1) and other large-scale events allow a series of 2 games.
* Champion (Outright)

More bets

* neither side \/ party \/ both
* dual opportunities:The final result is that any one of the options is a winner.
* winning team:Subject and object (and bureau refund principal)
* three points to make:Let the ball+1X2
* clean sheets:Goalkeeper zero error zero error, the other party no goals.
* clean sheets Shengfang

More bets-优德W88官网

Common sports events

* football:Each team of 10 players and 1 goalkeepers, a total of 11 people. The second half of each 45 minutes of stoppage time, overtime (advanced ball party is the winner), penalty (5 times), sudden death

* basketball:A team of five people, one of whom is the captain, the candidate up to seven people, but can increase the number of organizers. Competition in the first half, the second half (4 bars), each half of each 20 minutes, halftime, 10 minutes. The end of the game the two teams score the same time, the extension of the game 5 minutes, if the number of minutes after the same is still the same, then again for a further extension of the 5 minutes, until the victory than the outcome of the game until the end of the first half of the game, the game is still the same. NBA is 12 minutes per section. The five game of the system, a single board for 12 minutes, the fifth inning of 5 minutes, three minutes

* 100 practice:1-75 ball, instant video will play the machine to extract 3 balls video. Before the game bet: the first ball or the last ball the size of single and double, the last 3 balls and the total number of single and double fighter (Warrior), second ball and third ball, high number wins (1 minimum, maximum 75). Play the game bet: the next single double \/ high \/ low, the next combination (three election two)

* tennis:Win \/ let the ball \/ size \/ single \/ double
International Tennis Federation ITF (International Tennis Federation)
The four Grand Slam Tennis Tournament (Grand Slam) the French Open Wimbledon tennis tournament in England
Professional Tennis Federation ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals)
International Women's Tennis Association WAT (Women’ s Tennis Association)
The scoring format: three wins five disc disc branch; & three wheel two wins;
Points (15\/30\/40\/AD)
Bureau (2 points ahead of a game; a total of a total of 6 innings; first)
Disc (wins 6 games wins a; each win 5 innings, scoring 2 wins for the Bureau of Party A)

* baseball:Win \/ make the ball \/ size
Official Baseball 9 games, each game points, the next 2.5 games.
The two teams, each team has 9 people, two teams take turns attacking. The attack at the home team followed by bludgeon defensive team pitcher pitches, and took the opportunity to run, can in turn on 1, 2, and 3 bases to get home to a.

* Ice hockey:Let the ball \/ size
The game is 60 minutes, divided into the three inning, the game when the game is enough to fight for 20 minutes, the rest of the board for 15 minutes. Each team can have 20 players per game, the players in the game of 6, including the goalkeeper of the 1.

* horse racing:Win \/ position

Common sports events-优德W88官网

Page profile

* early morning:Tomorrow and future events in advance out of position.
* today:Today's game, generally shown to second days before the start of the tournament at 12 noon.
*:Ongoing competition.

Page profile-盘口-优德W88官网

* live video:Horse racing, greyhound racing, race training
* ball information & I love the most& a weekend function is in accordance with the time display handicap.
* the latest news:The bulletin, event cancellation or change, delay or cancel the single note payout information.
* "all bets +" or "- the main handicap"
* handicap display press "time order" or "common sort"(the default is yibingding or major events in front)
* page display according to single or double handicap handicap handicap
* profit forecast figure & statistical information
* betting history (Jane):The bottom left of the page shows a simple betting information
* integrity:Displays all of the complete information for the billing statement
* accounts:Show all information (note, available within 18 months of historical records)
* &amp balance results;

Page profile-盘口-优德W88官网

Ball information & statistical information



How to bet and note detailed

How to bet and note detailed-优德W88官网

Western sports Europe

*Total goal size
*Next \/ five minutes
*Double wins (and "half court")
*Crazy goal (like "goal")
*Fast betting mixed clearance


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