NBA event – recommended daily bull VS clippers


In December 11th 9:00, NBA bull VS clippers, the two sides are expected starting:Bull:Ross, Jimmy Butler,, Milo Diqy.Clippers:Paul, Reddick, BA model,. The rise of the clippers, two defeats of the bulls, the game gets?

Recommended: small make up the Bulls home win 1 points, more than 201 points.

The boat recently in the slow rise momentum, after Paul resurfaces, the team state has improved, but the recent trading Josh and Stephenson gossip and let the team in anyway, health in the teeth of the storm, Paul is in great need of the boat. The Clippers recently opened a five road trip, including a first game against Minnesota, mainly due to Paul and Reddick on the back, is to end the Clippers thrilling 110-106 victory over wolves and get clearance. From Paul (14 points and 5 assists in the 5 turnovers) and Reddick (13 points and 0 assists) after the return of the performance of the 2 point of view, the two are still missing some state.

The last two bulls suffered a losing streak, lost to the strength of the team is not strong, and the sun, the team's home record also fell to 7 wins and 3 losses in. Ross's condition is still no improvement, the face is also top point guard Paul Ross, can the state excitation is one of the key points, the last time Ross and Westbrook in battle, a burst of energy, the team defeated the thunder, the field in the lost field after the expected replication. At present the main score of bulls from Butler (20.4 PPG), but the team's overall advantage in both ends is not obvious, at present they present are credited with 98.8 points at the same time, also points to 98.3 points, the defensive end were close to offset their offensive efforts.

The field of the Bulls 1 points for the two teams and are fairly balanced, from both sides nearly 10 games, the Bulls 2 wins and 8 losses at a disadvantage (including away 2 wins and 3 losses, home court 0 wins and 5 losses), but the boat averaged scores than the 98 bulls on high more than 4 points, the two teams in the past 10 matches are played only 2 games and 3 big ball, obviously the team did not play its home court advantage, and tomorrow two teams this season opener against the bulls, we must strengthen the defense in the home court; the Clippers return lineup neat, only the back line to come back.