2016-2017 La Liga fourteenth round recommended

2016-2017 西甲第14轮赛事推荐

Beijing time 23:15 on December 3rd, 2016\/17 La Liga season fourteenth round will expand the focus of confrontation, Barcelona at home court against Real Madrid, it is striking the Spanish national derby. At present, 6 points behind Barcelona Real Madrid, the campaign aimed at breaking the Milky Way warships season unbeaten Jinshen, while Messi and C Ronaldo is the biggest attraction game showdown.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2016\/12\/3 (Saturday) 20:00 Granada Seville
2016\/12\/3 (Saturday) 23:15 Barcelona Real Madrid
2016\/12\/4 (Sunday) 01:30 Eli Gane J Villarreal
2016\/12\/4 (Sunday) 03:45 atletico madrid Spanish
2016\/12\/4 (Sunday) 19:00 Bettis CELTA
2016\/12\/4 (Sunday) 23:15 Bilbao Erval
2016\/12\/5 (Monday) 01:30 Alaves Lars Palmas
2016\/12\/5 (Monday) 01:30 Gijon Osasuna
2016\/12\/5 (Monday) 03:45 Valencia Malaga
2016\/12\/6 (Tuesday) 03:45 Rackow Royal Society

巴萨VSReal Madrid

巴萨VSReal Madrid交手记录:

两队历史交手232次,Real Madrid93胜48平91负占据微弱优势。两队在西甲交锋172次,占据优势的同样是Real Madrid,该队72胜32平68负,进280球丢273球。Real Madrid作客的86场联赛,战绩仅为20胜17平49负,进101球丢170球。但上赛季,Real Madrid客场2-1击败了巴萨。

巴萨VSReal Madrid状态解析:

从状态来看,Real Madrid明显占优。本赛季各项正式比赛,Real Madrid至今保持不败,联赛中,Real Madrid10胜3平的不败战绩领跑,领先巴萨6分。其中,Real Madrid在本赛季西甲客场战绩出色,6场比赛5胜1平。上赛季,永乐曾助力Real Madrid出征西甲客场比赛,银河战舰也取得了不俗的成绩。

对比来说,巴萨的状态就要稍微逊色一些。最近5场各项赛事,巴萨只赢下了两场。最近两轮联赛,他们都只收获平局,与Real Madrid的差距拉大到6分。目前,巴萨排名第二。本赛季6个主场,巴萨的战绩是3胜2平1负,仅排名第11。

巴萨VSReal Madrid比赛看点:

As one of the world's most expensive game, this is the first aspect lot, Messi and C Ronaldo duel, as everyone knows, C Ronaldo has basically been locked in this year's Golden Globe Award, while Messi is likely to be second. This is Messi's proof of the war, as the planet's most expensive player, Messi was the first to prove his position. Two people also bite the top scorer, C Ronaldo scored 10 goals to lead, Messi scored 9 goals.

本赛季,齐达内的Real Madrid至今保持不败金身,而此役,他们将遭遇最严峻的考验。若Real Madrid能够迈过巴萨这关击败对手,本赛季西甲,他们甚至有望一路不败最终问鼎,打破巴萨对西甲的垄断地位。

Of course, the decisive hand more than Messi and C Ronaldo, Neymar, Suarez, Benzema and other stars to play the same people look forward to. Last season, Neymar made easco red card, game, two people are expected to continue.

优德W88西方体育提醒:本场比赛推荐Real Madrid受让半球胜。