Youter real bonus to send water king!

优德真人流水王, 送再存红利!

In order to repay the majority of new and old members of the support, the monthly specific period as long as the betting on youter Club live entertainment city, you can get up to Two thousand yuan deposit bonus discount!

Rules and provisions:

1 activity began at on 2017, at noon on the day of 01, 12:00, at noon on the day of 2017 to 01, 12:00 (Beijing time) on may 15.
2 this offer is applicable to all registered members of rmb.
3 during the event, betting on youter Club live entertainment city, meet the following bets, you can get bonus offers, the details are as follows:

Total amount of bets during the event Deposit bonus percentage Maximum bonus amount
More than 200 thousand 20% Five hundred
More than 1 million 22% Two thousand

4 this offer does not apply, each member meets the requirements for only one use of the bonus code.
In the bonus code 7 days 5 members received, using any deposit, transfer to the "youter club" wallet, enter the code in the bonus code column to obtain the corresponding proportion of dividend.
6 the use of the bonus code is valid for only 7 days, overdue invalid.
7 the amount of dividends only betting on the club's reality youter Entertainment City, and completed 1 times water withdrawals.
8 does not allow any bet on gambling, once discovered will be abolished and the corresponding amount of dividends confiscated.
9 youter W88 offers discounts only apply to the entertaining game player. Youter W88 has the right to all member or a member to cancel this offer at any time.
10 youter W88 general terms and conditions apply to this offer.
11 this offer is applicable for the club and the club - excellent youter youter office.