Conventional tactical play

百家乐The baccarat game strategy are two factors surrounding the risk and winning to decide, is based on the two factors of scheme selection. These games are formed in the actual combat, the following are introduced several commonly used play!


A, press forward to the enemy's capital

In many ways, this is one of the most men play the most masculine.But everything is always more strong play, There are both advantages and disadvantages., more easy to break damage. This kind of operation is that, as a basic code as a starting point, start the uplink code immediately after transfusion injection strategy, aims to use a winning breakpoint, return all the money. But this method is not a straight cable, not win more than playing in the negative, not the outcome of the concept here, once started, will go forward, until the goal is reached. Regardless of the outcome, before reaching the goal, the code will never fall. Examples: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18...... General arrangement of 38 hands, the 38 hand did not change, give up. This is a plan that must be planned in advance, the purpose of the plan is the effective use of the principal and the ability to fight. Considering the factors of principal, limit red, winrate. Note the difference between the code according to your own ideas to adjust, the greater the difference, the ability to return to the larger, but the ability to withstand the worse, on the contrary, the ability to return to the smaller, and the ability to withstand strong. Note code: 150, 200, 250 examples.


There are several variants of this method, to give you a brief introduction.

1, start to lose, do not rise code, and so on, after winning the first hand, the upgrade code, the following has been carried out.The advantage is that if you start with a large negative, you can save a considerable number of bullets, for the subsequent fight to save a strong financial strength, which is a bit like the martial arts competition inside the physical distribution strategy. -1, -1, -1 -, - 1, -1, 2, -3, -4,...... Have been playing down. Compared with the parent, this ability is slightly weak, but to avoid the slaughter of Lee hands. You can also win in the hands of advancing, the funds will be more smooth, but not conducive to the rapid theft.

2, half-way wins, not up code. This variant is similar to the previous effect, that is, after winning the note code push, after the loss of the level.For a friend with a bad heart, try this. The formation is -1, -2, -4, -5, 3, +6, +6, -6, -7, +8, +8... Its advantage is, bearing ability can not lose, bet at a high level. Note at a high level, you can offset the extra low wins can offset the negative. Any methods require a certain of winning support, winning percentage is too low, of course, there is no way back. In about 42% of the winning bets can be landed.


3, negative flat walk, wins the upgrade.-1, -1, -1 formation.... +1, +2, +3..... This benefit is ability strong, the ability is too little, the disadvantage is straight, note rising quickly, but the profit cannot effectively offset the negative hand. Win 1 jump on the hand of this road will be upgraded faster, which should pay attention to avoid. Mean when the outcome of the road even jump (one more negative), necessary to open array conversion.


4, the outcome is flat push.The formation is -1, -1... +1, +2, +2, +2, in case of victory is to upgrade the code, but do not continue to upgrade, maintain the height of the code, until the level of negative number of hands again, if the current win one hand, note code upgrade. This variant of the ability to fight the most powerful, but at the same time back to this ability is not too strong, there is a solution is to note the difference between the code. As long as the winning slightly will return, the successful landing.

A total of 9 variants are limited to space constraints, the introduction of these variants. In fact, there are many, you can use your head, the free development of a more suitable for their own way. In any case variants, change from the track, as long as you grasp its characteristic, familiar with its performance, real time is not so much room for thinking, like a swordsman in the duel is not want more, everything is instinctive reflex. The premise is that you must fight law by heart, truly achieve arbitrary, handy, folding grass for the sword, the invisible enemy.

Two, continued harassment

Is a kind of strategy used in the frequent change of the winning and losing road.Method is the negative into, in case of victory is back, into up to three hands, back up a hand, immediately back to high. Note code with 1, 2, 3. Not long to beware of success when negative, timely conversion system.


1, jumped out of the matrix, a substantial negative, down sharply.In many of the actual combat can see this play figure. Such as -25, +125. this is only one hand, not successful to run, using other methods to destroy this loss. There are such as +200, -50, and this strategy. This is the best way to maximize profits when it's hard to win. If the outcome of the road unchanged, you can continue to be so harassed until the opponent deformation.

2, hold back, and then outbreak.-1, -1, -1, -2, +5... This is a similar attack behavior, to kill. The original intention of using this method is that if the preceding part of us is"Press forward to the enemy's capital", the note code should be -1-2-3-4, a total of 10 units of code, then we now use such tactics, the front part of the lost only 5 units of code, so this is the basis for the direct injection code to lay the foundation of 5. A little lost in front of the continuous, this success is good luck, don't feel bad luck. If use"Press forward to the enemy's capital", the front is already -10, now only -5, one hand can be back to the whole line, is a great advantage. Because this play only one hand, so it is still in the "continuous harassment" inside.


Three, retreat

This is a negative approach.-5, -4, -3 +, -2, -1, -1... +1, +6... The fatal weakness is more negative for two consecutive wins, the attack failed, you must cast, not entangled. Variants are also many, mainly reflected in how to retreat and how to enter the above, not a list of. If not every hand back back, take back a negative 2 hands, 3 hands or back a can, with the principal and winning as the basis, flexible grasp. Into the time you can not rush to hit a high, hit in the middle can be, and then on the basis of the median, gradually up. Can also be based on the median, with a slightly higher than the median injection.


Four, tails to survive

Any method has failed, any method in the failure, can use this method.As the name suggests, is attacked with house lizard will tail, the tail is in order to survive, rather than not the tail. It is the purpose of life and the tail. After the defeat, the currently used methods cannot go on, or is it the principal threat is too big, it should be forced out, another way. After the defeat of broken is not canceled, but the suspense in the accounts, when the time is ripe to restart, or when the principal again allowed to continue. The use of this method is a bit difficult because of the problem of understanding. Often listen to friends complain, just started a negative into the straight line, the code is very high, but the line has to break the cable. To say that whenever you play any kind, winning does not change, you can break and enter it again, then, what happens? Some people say that, if constantly, I just can win out of the hand, so note code landing. But if you continue, you do not pay attention to the continuous rise of the situation? Do you have it or not? So, don't worry about whether you're going to be on a big road, as long as your code is continuous.


Five, the more

In the game to a large number of winning all of balance.The so-called "lame", strictly speaking is not a cable, but a complete strategy. All negative hands were suppressed in a larger than men, at least under a tie. This is the highest level of gambling can achieve! All the negative can be found corresponding to the victory in the global, this is not the corresponding winrate, but to note. For example, there is a hand inside the -10, the overall situation is bound to be able to find a single hand +10 or +11 such a win, the negative hand destroyed. This method can not be achieved on the memory of the operation, it is necessary to use some auxiliary means, such as software, hands-on records, etc.. This approach emphasizes the whole instead of focusing on a local. Whether you play one day or a month, or a year, the break all the 50% winning percentage, you must implement the above effect. Only in winning in 50%, before the suspension cable restart. Note code does not emphasize continuity. Due to the length of the relationship, the following is only a basic prototype.


When the start is negative.Assuming -5, in the case of funds allowed (at least 300-500 yards), then hit 10 wins, then the end of this round; if negative, and then hit the beat, if the negative hit 10, then hit the other side of the game, and then play the game, if you want to play the game, if you want to play the game, you will be able to play the game, and then hit the 10... The winner of the 1 hand until 10, and in front of the -5 offset; then hit 15 or 20 wins, each hand away in front of a -10, until the principal return; if the above -10 offset is completed, and the new -15 and the emergence of some principal, not to return, then hit 25, in order to clear out front -15... In turn... This is a prototype, but not directly used, in accordance with this method will be a big disadvantage to destroy.


When the start wins.Then retract, if the return is negative, positive and negative, profit in hand, winning do not earn, earn money. If the retraction wins, then the code forward. +5-4+5+6..... Until negative. It was a good negative after how to deal with it? The two program: first, the negative hand to the front of the victory to go inside, no longer bird him. Such as +5-4+6+7-8., in fact, these five hands can be regarded as -6-6+6+6+6. that is, you win a hand +6. next how to operate? I believe we all understand. This is also the code for the conversion of a basic skill, you do not look at the hands of the -8 do not put, in fact, you are already winning, right? Next, we hit the 5, if negative, winning or losing the top 3 to make the end of the battle of the 1 3.

The focus is not on the introduction of play, but in the process of playing the game. How to carry out system transformation, namely how to switch back and forth in a variety of play.


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