Tournament recommended warrior VS rocket

NBA赛事推荐1The April 28, 2016 10:30 is expected to debut: Warriors: Bogut, Green, Harrison de Raymond - Barnes, Thompson, Livingston; Howard, Moti E Jonas, Rockets: Ariza, harden, Beverly

Youter western sports: Warriors -9 ".

Thursday morning, the first round of the NBA playoffs continue to compete, the warriors will return home to usher in the Rockets challenge. This field is both series fifth games, a total score of 3 to 1 warriors currently leading, and from the first 4 games, the overall strength of the warriors was dominant, and the shop again in the home court battle, the warriors certainly worth blitz.

The warriors in the last round in Curitiba injured early off once again play crazy outside shooting mode, the team who scored 121 points, Thompson and Iguodala had 45 points to help the team win the Rockets, this return to the home court they will continue to make efforts to avoid Undue delay may bring trouble. The two home court against the Rockets, the warriors have made relatively easy victory in the face of the other side of loose defense team, fire outside get good continuation, although the game still Curitiba will not play, but the team will be in a flood of offensive momentum under the home court play more drippings sends.

The Rockets have no way out, on the other side of the Rockets lack Curitiba overall defense and did not like G3's efficient, team perimeter defense once again exposed the problem, a microcosm of 121 points this season defensive end, James a get two pairs of results, but only 4 of 13 shots performance is not satisfactory, they never let Howard as an offense to play a round of Warcraft 7 performance in 9 to get 19 points and 15 rebounds per game should be appreciated, the Oracle arena battles, the team to win confidence enough, this competition team guard Beverly will not fit but, whether it is Ariza or Motiejunas et al are not a stable point of attack, the Rockets reflect the spirit in this series, but with the warriors compared to their lack of integration Body character.

Recommended rocket transferee 9 points wins.