The Champions League 1\/4 final – Benfica VS Bayern Munich

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April 14, 2016 02:45Benfica VS Bayern MunichThe two sides are expected to start:Benfica:Edelson; A. Almeida, Lin Astoria, jardel, Elisei U; Issa Renato Sanchez; fee, peach, Miteluogelu, Raul Jimenez Gaitan;Bayern Munich:Neuer; Alabbar; Martinez kimmich, Rahm, Vidal; Costa, Muller T., Tiago F., Ribery Lewandowski.

Western Sports: Bayern Munich eudem chupan ball -1.

Beijing time on April 14th 02:452015\/16 European Football League Championship second knockout round second leg match will be the stadium of light in the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon, where the Portuguese giants Benfica in the Bundesliga team Munich Bayern home court against big mac. The home team in the last six games in 5 wins and 1 losses, in the last six games 5 wins 1 flat. Bayern Munich team in the first round victory over the opponent and the attacking state to show on the weekend of the league, the game away but in excellent condition and strength and experience worse than their Benfica, is expected in the road with a victory as the semi-finals.

The home court on Sunday morning for Benfica in the Portuguese Super League away 2 to 1 victory over Coimbra University team, seven game winning streak in the league. The opponent in Eighteenth minutes to break the deadlock, to counter the Benfica at the end of the first half and equalized through unremitting efforts at the end of the game scored the winning goal in the final 2 to 1 victory, the away game, Benfica coach Vettori said the team in the face of sub strong defensive opponents show a very tenacious fighting spirit and the final important three points away from the road. This Wednesday in Bayern Munich's home court, Benfica coach Vitoria said opponents are favorites together in the main field are used to attack the ball, Benfica must try to show the best and do everything to win.

The road of Bayern Munich team in Saturday's Bundesliga away 3 to 1 victory over the Stuttgart team, won four straight games in all competitions. Bayern after the opening on both ends meet a lot of trouble but in thirty-first minutes using the opponent's own goal to get lucky lead, opponents pulled a ball in the second half to expand the score, then make unremitting efforts before the end of re-entry ball in the game, the final 1 wins away 3 game, Bayern coach Guardiola said the team has a lot of problems but in the lead in the opening stage of the state gradually improved. This Wednesday at Benfica team Bayern, Munich team coach Guardiola said will score an important role for the team to play on the road, the Bayern to qualify for the next round must show a strong desire to win.

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