[W88] Italy eudem 2015-2016 Football League twelfth round race


Beijing time on November 08 (Tuesday) 01:00, is about to usher in the first round of the 2015-2016 Italy football league matches, the following small series will take you ahead of schedule and event analysis preview.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2015\/11\/8 (Sunday) 01:00 Verona Bologna
2015\/11\/8 (Sunday) 03:45 AC Milan Atlanta
2015\/11\/8 (Sunday) 19:30 Turin International Milan
2015\/11\/8 (Sunday) 22:00 Empoli Juventus
2015\/11\/8 (Sunday) 22:00 Flohr Siino Hei Genoa
2015\/11\/8 (Sunday) 22:00 Palermo Verona
2015\/11\/8 (Sunday) 22:00 Rome Lazio
2015\/11\/8 (Sunday) 22:00 Sassuolo Carle leather
2015\/11\/9 (Monday) 01:00 Naples Udine J
2015\/11\/9 (Monday) 03:45 Sampdoria Florence

AC MilanVSAtlanta

AC Milan近年来都为复兴做了不少功夫,在周日凌晨,意甲第十二轮展开争夺,携联赛三连胜回到主场作战的AC将迎来阿特兰大的挑战。阿特兰大今季主强客弱十分鲜明,球队今仗实在无机会在圣西路球场带走分数。

AC recently more flowering, the team scored three league wins at the same time, asian handicap also all win, fight at beat strong Lazio has also made a return to the Champions League and all the fans see hope. It is worth noting that AC currently only behind the top 5 Fiorentina in Serie A, chaotic situation, more for the team this season League hopes to reproduce. Although the striker nice and Baluodilidouyin hurt this battle right foot, attacking midfielder Bangna cloud of pull also suspended punishment, but AC still has a cameo striker striker, midfielder and striker Honda Keisuke this summer from his back to West quickly in the financial team Carlos (Baca League has scored 6 goals) jointly hold the line, this attack to destroy nearly 3 rounds the League averaging 2.67 goals conceded the Atalanta defence are more than sufficient. And the AC season league home court winning percentage as high as 80%, which is only 20% probability of lost disk, disk in this battle opened AC let hemisphere \/ a ball under the condition of low water, so obviously show good AC continuation of Sheng rail, while in the 11 round of the League 3 times out of the AC aocai also let hemisphere \/ a ball finally, results for a win, this battle of heavy note AC disc. The lineup aspect, goalkeeper DiMatteo Lubis, defender and midfielder Bbe Tu Lars abidy due to injury and diligent.

Atlanta home court since the League performance is quite good, currently has 4 wins and 1 medals, more beat Lazio in a play, and compared to poor home court day altogether, 6 League away lost 4 field, more recently by a three game losing streak and the League lost disk in this. The three game losing streak, Atlanta all ginkgo, visit the attacking force is quite bad, only forward and take the array Binney defender had the away goal Du Ruhr, this battle also visited the fans crazy AC home court San Siro, Atalanta attack line has been paid much more pressure. In addition, Atlanta was averaging lost close to 2 balls the defense performance is useless, their trip is fraught with grim possibilities.

优德W88西方体育提醒:建议AC Milan让1球。