2016-2017 La Liga first round recommended

2016-2017 西甲第1轮赛事推荐

Beijing time on August 20, 2016 (Saturday) at 02:45 in the morning, the new season opener will be Spanish between Malaga and Osasuna promoted. Malaga in 3 consecutive seasons in La Liga after their summer wandering, a revival of the signs.

Raja Garcia in the lead from the past two seasons to maintain good results, and now Juande Ramos took over the team this summer, they added seven players, the club will achieve their goal this season is to win the UEFA Champions League qualification. Rosa radar is one of the home court advantage of Malaga, in the face of aosasuna is League opener, Ramos's team is expected to win. The Malaga striker shake nearly 6 game friendly 5 wins and 1 level of success, the team's pre-season preparations for the work quite well.

2016-2017 西甲第1轮赛事推荐

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2016\/8\/20 (Saturday) 02:45 Malaga Aosasuna
2016\/8\/20 (Saturday) 04:00 Rackow Ewald
2016\/8\/21 (Sunday) 00:15 Barcelona Bettis
2016\/8\/21 (Sunday) 02:15 Granada Villarreal
2016\/8\/21 (Sunday) 04:15 Seville Spanish
2016\/8\/22 (Monday)  00:15 Gijn Bilbao
2016\/8\/22 (Monday)  02:15 Royal Society Real Madrid
2016\/8\/22 (Monday) 04:15 Atletico Alves
2016\/8\/23 (Tuesday) 02:00 CELTA Eli Gane J
2016\/8\/23 (Tuesday) 04:00 Valencia Las Palmas

2016-2017 西甲第1轮赛事推荐

Malaga VS aosasuna

Home team信息:

Malaga last season ranked fourth in La Liga last season, the team is one of the relative balance of good team in the league. From Malaga's recent friendlies results, keep the team last season level, at both ends of the good performance. It is worth mentioning that, in the last three seasons of the first game, Malaga won two games victory, overwhelmed against Sassuna, Malaga is clearly confident.

Visiting team分析:

Osasuna after two years of ups and downs in the second division and returned to the Spanish league. To say aosasuna most people a profound memory is undoubtedly aosasuna in recent years against Real Madrid in the record, the team is forced to rush and Real Madrid game, seems to La Liga is to Real Madrid and a fight. But from the current aosasuna signings, the Osasuna returned to La Liga or to gain a foothold in the Spanish.

Handicap analysis:

In recent years Malaga achievement is not very stable, the team's record is sometimes erratic, but Malaga's general team still have ideas, especially the team's home court record, friendship racing Raja excellent condition.

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