Alipay mobile phone speed second deposit


Alipay, the world's leading independent third party payment platform! With over 450 million real name users, is committed to providing a simple, safe, fast payment solutions. Youter W88 service in each game player to provide the most convenient way to pay, whenever and wherever possible smooth cool game is so simple!


Reminder:Dear youter W88 member, using Alipay to pay deposit required to pay1% handling fee, the actual proportion of prepaid account: deposit 100 yuan actual account of $99, you can consider the use of deposits, thank you!

First step:PleaseLogin statusClick:[fund management] [deposit]. Then choose[Alipay],输入您的存款金额,Click:[deposit]. Deposit limit: 20.00\/1000.00, as shown below:


Second step:Please use the scanner to scan the phone page after the submission of the two-dimensional code, check the payment information is accurate, clickConfirmation of payment. As follows:


Third step:Check if payment is successful. Under normal circumstances, after the payment is successful immediately account. Please click on the official website[history]Query, select[deposit \/ withdrawal]- queryStart time \/ end time, click[submit]. Alipay speed seconds seconds to save, and, after the payment is a real-time arrival Oh ~ as follows:


[Alipay] mobile phone speed second deposit payment fast, convenient entertainment! Get it right now.


If you have any questions during the deposit operation, you are welcome to contact us at any time 7X24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you!