WeChat pays all strategy


More convenient, faster, more secure WeChat payment to pay a higher limit, you deposit! Landing on the official website [submit deposit amount] - [scan two-dimensional code] [payment success] - [immediately arrival]. WeChat in hand, travel around the world!

1 [WeChat payment - scan two-dimensional code immediately arrival]

Landing status, click:[deposit][WeChat]Enter the deposit amount- Click[deposit]Confirmation.Single maximum deposit limit: 3000 yuan.As follows:


input[deposit amount]click[deposit]After the system will generate a two-dimensional code to pay.
Warm prompt: Please complete the payment within 2 minutes, otherwise it will lead to the failure of the transaction

You can use your WeChat[change]进行支付,click微信中的Sweep []Function, scanning the two-dimensional code image obtained in the previous operation. As follows:


当前系统会弹出提示inputPayment password (6 digits)- Click[immediate payment]Confirmation transaction[payment success].As follows:


Successful chargeback, the page will be prompted to have[payment success].As follows:


Zhang was immediately to the charge after the success of Oh ~ rapid deposit experience!


If you have the following two-dimensional code on the phone, that you getThe two-dimensional code is out of date.


When you return to the website, the transaction statusThe two-dimensional code is out of date的提示.您需要click红色方框的[regain]再次进行交易.As follows:


If you do not complete the payment within 2 minutes, the system will show that the two-dimensional code has expired, please be sure to master the time deposit!

2 [WeChat payment - new member benefits]


Youter W88 new member benefit!!!

Landing status, click:[deposit]-[WeChat]-Enter the deposit amount- Click[deposit]Confirmation.单笔最高存款限额:1,000元.As follows:


input[deposit amount]click[deposit]After the system will generate a two-dimensional code to pay.As follows:



click微信页面右上方的[+]Number selectionSweep []功能,扫描上一操作中获取的二维码图片.扫描完毕后会弹出Confirmation transaction窗口,You can use your WeChatChange paymentOr bound.[bank card payment].确认存款信息准确无误后,click[immediate payment].如下图 :

Confirmation transaction优德W88官网支付完成.After you successfully pay, the page will automatically popWeChat payment voucher显示支付成功的信息.如下图 :


Query to account:登录状态下,click[history]- Selection[deposit \/ withdrawal]-input查询[start time]and[end time]- Click[submit].As follows:

The arrival of the immediate success after deduction Oh, fast payment experience!


3 [WeChat payment - high fast payment]


Landing status,click:[deposit]-[WeChat]-Enter the deposit amount- Click[deposit]Confirmation.单笔最高存款限额:3000 yuan.As follows:


input[deposit amount]click[deposit]After the system will generate a two-dimensional code to pay.



Youter all WeChat account, easy: just four steps【提交金额】-【扫码】-[payment success]-【立即到账】.

Worry free deposit, easy to operate, easy to experience, try it immediately!

When you encounter any problems in the deposit operation, you can contact us at any time 24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you!