The championship tournament – Brighton VS wolves

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In January 1, 2016 23:00Brandon VS wolvesThe two sides are expected to start:Brandon:Stockdale, Calderon, Bruno, Goodson, hooydonk, Murphy, Stephens, and Hector Parra kayar, Dmitry James, Wilson.WolfTeam:Yi Kemei, Doherty, Randall, bass, Austrian, Macdonald, Graham, Cody, Edwards, Henry, Fu than.

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Beijing time on January 1st 23, England Football League Championship twenty-fifth round Brighton team against the wolves in the home court. Brighton's recent state of the doldrums, the team is currently facing the 5 round after the League ranked No. fourth. Wolves recent good momentum, a 2-0 defeat away Charlton after 2 consecutive victories, currently ranked eleventh. The game for the first time this season, the two sides in the wolves home court drew 0-0.

Brighton has been leading the championship in the first half, but recently can't seem to find the feeling of winning 5 games, has not tasted the taste of victory, ranking from the top down to fourth. As a result of the emergence of a large area of Defense personnel injury, the team also temporarily from the United States Major League Portland loggers hired a defender. The team in the offensive side of the performance is still no improvement, nearly three balls into the ball.

Minnesota this season is ups and downs, even with the recent two game winning streak is not representative of the team is good, two opponents Redding and Charlton recently are winless. This season the team by goalkeeper Martinez and defender Moorhouse injury is not a small impact, the current goal number reached 32, is the championship half lost the ball up to the. A major feature of this season is the wolves off strong main weak team away, even in the seventh row league.

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