The daily lottery betting bonus up to 3888 yuan (twelfth)


Super Lotto lottery betting game, 3D, the more the higher the bonus every day, send you Thirty-eightEighty-eight yuan! The group selected multiple elections penthouse bet as you choose, more fun in youter Lotto WEighty-eight!

Rules and provisions:
1 activity time begins at 00:00:00 on January 2017, 01, ending at 23:59:59 on January 31st (Beijing time).
2 this activity is only applicable to WEighty-eight dollars, Renminbi, youter vnd, Indonesian rupiah, Thai baht, RM and won all registered members, each member only for a day.
3 this offer in the lottery Super Lotto, fun \/ lucky \/ super \/ lucky \/ fun 3D, Super Lotto lottery \/ lucky \/ fun 11X5.
4 during the event, the member in the lottery game available on the day of betting meet the following requirements of water, can obtain the corresponding bonus:
Single day effective betting amount Bonus amount Running water multiple
2000-9999 Eighteen 2 times
10000-49999 Thirty-eight
50000-199999 Eighty-eight
200000-499999 Thirty-eight8
500000-999999 Eighty-eight8
1000000-1999999 12Eighty-eight
2000000 (above) Thirty-eightEighty-eight

5 members need to bet on the same day click apply for concessions (after landing) to apply for this offer, expired.
6.奖金将于次日下午6点前派发至您的账户中,完成2 times流水即可提款。
7 this offer can not be shared with the first deposit, deposit at the same time.