Rest assured, help you to reimburse youter!


The weekend sports betting website specified, if a single injection lose you can get 50% return of principal. Your loss, youter pay!

This week the specified event: the 17 round of La Liga Real Madrid Granada VS

Activity content:
    1. Activity time began on January 2017 07 00:00:00 (Beijing time), as of 20:00:00 on January 7, 2017 (Beijing time).
    2. This event is limited to the first Ten00 members.
    3. On that day, in youter not less than 300 yuan of deposit records.
    4. The specified event in the western sports betting youter platform: Real Madrid VS Granada, and the betting is lost, you can get 50% return of principal, the highest Ten0 yuan per person.
    5. Only betting on the win, ball, ball size three handicap. (betting is not within the scope of calculation)
Betting platform Bet amount The return of money Running water multiple
Youter western sports 200 yuan Ten0 yuan Ten

例:投注200 yuan,注单为全输,即可获得Ten0 yuan投注返还金。

How to apply:

Send mail to:Protected]; [email&#160** \/The title is: "rest assured, help you to youter reimbursement, specify your user name and order number bets as follows:
Youter Username: Communism
Note: number at

Rules and provisions:
  1. Each member is only one time.
  2. Application deadline: 20:00:00 (Beijing time).
  3. 彩金将于活动结束后48小时内派发,完成Ten倍流水即可提款。
  4. 此优惠仅适用于西方体育平台,任何平局、对赌、无效、取消的注单以及体育赛事低于香港盘0.75(欧洲盘1.75)或高于香港盘2.0(欧洲盘3.0)的注单将不计算在活动的有效Bet amount中。
  5. This activity can not at the same time and enjoy other preferential youter. During the event, the use of the first deposit, re deposit bonus betting events can not apply for this offer.
  6. Youter W88 offers discounts only apply to the entertainment game player, youter W88 has the right to all member or a member to cancel this offer at any time.
  7. Youter W88 general terms and rules apply to this offer.