NBA tournament recommended – Warriors VS thunder

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May 17, 2016 09:00Warrior VS thunderBoth sides is expected to debut:Warrior:Thompson, Barnes, curry, Green, Bogut;Thunder:Brook, Robertson, he, he, he, he, he, he, and he, and then, and so on, and so on.

Youter western sports: Warriors -7.5 ".

Curry played a lot of amazing performance in this season, the thunder is one of the victims. At that time the two teams clash in February 28th this year, with 0.6 seconds left in overtime, Curitiba in midfield to hit three points scored lore, he scored 46 points, and life medium record of 12 three pointers. At that time the two teams clash in February 28th to defeat 32-62 in rebounding warriors, the thunder is one of the best teams this season rebounds, so brave dare not believe they can still win.

The past two warriors are 4 to 1 points easily cut, the team played not too difficult, after the last round after the Blazers warriors has rest for 4 days, the team physical reserves considerable injury, Curitiba and injured he is to be fully restored, the current team good health, 3 games back before the warriors beat the thunder, thunder in the field can be warriors who scored nearly 120 points, the team against the thunder defense quality is not very high when the team score is quite easy, the warriors in the game can still use the previous model, as far as possible to the team at the way to defeat the opponent.

Thunder on the wheel in the ratio of 4 to 2 out of the favorites to win the Spurs, encouraged by the morale of the team, but the team round promotion process is not too smooth, from the last round of the performance is not difficult to see the overall state of the thunder is not stable, the ability of Durant and Fernando Westbrook since Needless to say, especially in the small Wei playoff performance is more mature admirable, but an important helper thunder squad yibaka, Adams, Heribertus and Kanter these performance is hardly reassuring, the state is completely dominates the outcome of the thunder thunder, the outcome is more to see the stability degree of these people, the team wants to win the difficulty is not small.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game 7.5 points wins the thunder recommended.