Golden pool slot machineThe activity is over, thank you!

金池Slot machine Championship

With GPI platform, to create a new concept of 3D slot machine tournament, all countries competed in a seven day period, the zero threshold, ultra million bonus you win! Join the championship! Every single tournament betting 4.5 yuan for 1 minutes, you need to value higher than 0.9, it can be counted as 1 points.

Interpretation of rules:

Activity time:Every Wednesday 00:00 (Beijing time), the end of next Tuesday 23:59 (Beijing time). This time period is a period.

Tournament event page:Click [Slot machine ChampionshipEnter the game page.

Slot machine Championship规则首页

每期参赛的游戏不同,您可在主页面Click [立即游戏】或【更多信息】进行查询.

State Championships: [] for the game to end, [in] for the period of the game.

Jump information page as shown below:

Information page: mainly to provide you with the relevant information.

If you have more than one slot machine game, you can choose to participate.

Slot machine Championship信息页面

List: for you to update the game rankings, to achieve 50 points on the list!Slot machine Championship即时排行榜The main fraction of rankings ranked lowest, betting 4.5 yuan for every single 1 scores, such as you bet is 5 yuan, the 1 points; you bet is 2.5 yuan, the unit fraction.

Small warm tip: in the gold pool slot machine game, as shown below, each game on the bottom of the page, 1 coins = 5 yuan, betting for coins, according to the rules of the game, you bet at least 0.6 coins to reach at least 3 yuan per bet, get 1 points.

Functional Games: such as free rotation, bonus games, etc..


Rules and terms: you can check the corresponding bonus. Bonus needs to reach 10 times in the pool pool water withdrawals.

Slot machine Championship规则与条款


Competition rules:

  1. 金池俱乐部Slot machine ChampionshipStart on every Wednesday00:00:00 (Beijing time), ending next Tuesday at 23:59:59 (Beijing time).
  2. This activity is suitable for RMB and vnd, Indonesian rupiah, Thai baht, ringgit, and won $registered members.
  3. In each slot machine game is differentPlease refer to the current Championship event page.
  4. Details and bonus distribution, "rules refer to each tournament.
  5. Members can be refreshed at any time to view the list ranking, the end of the race to the final ranking of the distribution of bonus.
  6. The tournament will be ranked according to the number of valid bets in each note,Only 1 points per unit. For example: the game requires each round of minimum bet 4.5 yuan for 1 points, your game betting is 5 yuan, the 1 points, only 1 points per unit.
  7. The prize in the competition will be in the golden pool slot machine Club10 times running watersquareCan draw.
  8. 奖金将会在每期比赛结束后的2个工作日内派发.
  9. Slot machine in the bonus game, free rotation, etc.Functional games are not valid betting.
  10. 同一场锦标赛中,若多人获得同一名次将共享平分相应的奖金.
  11. 此活动奖金由GPI平台和优德W88共同赞助.
  12. 优德W88有权在任何时间对违反规则的会员取消参赛权,我们享有唯一及绝对决定权.
  13. 优德W88一般条款及规则应用于此优惠.