NBA tournament recommended – pioneer VS Timberwolves

NBA赛事推荐-开拓者VS 森林狼-优德W88官网

2016 04, 10,, 10:35Pioneer VS forest wolfThe two sides are expected to start:Pioneer:Maike Le M, Aminu, Ha Chris and Lillard, plumbly;The forest wolf:Rubio, Wiggins, Dean, Downes, Ravenna

The game youter western sports: pioneer -8.5 3.

The two sides nearly ten confrontation, pioneer 8 wins and 2 losses, occupy absolute advantage. The two sides played 3 times this season, all the Blazers laugh last, but the difference is not too big in the three games. Tomorrow will be the final regular this season, the Blazers still chasing the Grizzlies, wolves will do, after winning the war, the state is very good, so the last meeting will be very fierce, who can have the last laugh, let us wait and see!

The Blazers have 6 wins and 1 negative results in nearly 7 battle, the team state is quite good, the Blazers have clinched a playoff qualification, but the team still need to strive for a higher ranking, the team still has not the slightest slack consciousness, a team of young teachers in this seemingly mediocre season in Ladd's outstanding leadership hit nearly 7 into the home court winning, and still averaged 5.8 points margin of victory, the team since February 28th have not lost the ball in the home court, the home court operational performance is excellent, if the campaign should play combat level, Portland is hoping to continue home court winning streak.

The wolves by nearly two consecutive win on the road, the opponent wins more League in warriors such giants, the team competitive state are worthy of recognition, although early this season and missed the playoffs for wolves, but in nearly two battle unfold the combat level still had to cut a esteem, recently Downes, wolves in the array Dwiggins, Ji ang and Mohamed young warrior showed the strong points of desire, the team is also very understanding in coordination, the field momentum is quite general, the wolves still remain so powerful momentum to compete with the blazers.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game recommended the Blazers make 8.5 points wins.