Fishing Meng – Android mobile client


The highly anticipated, the long-awaited Android mobile phone main fishing adorable version of the new on-line! 000 arcade game fishing, cool burst. Daily login to receive a huge bonus gold, online upgrade completed. Whenever and wherever possible smooth cool game, everything is in your hands!

Only three steps to complete the download fishing Meng master - Android mobile version! Hand travel fishing is so simple and convenient, follow the pace of small series to download the game bar

The first step: a method:Youter login official website, homepage in mouse floating on the left side of the page[Download]Click to enter, and then use the phone two-dimensional code scanner, scanning Android mobile client[fish]QR code. As follows:


Method two:Mobile phone users can directly use the phone to enter the, click[fish]Direct download, please follow the page prompts to operate. As follows:


Second step:Scan code two-dimensional code after the page will automatically pop-up download tips. click[Download]And then carry on[installation]. (you can do this on page prompts):


Third step:applicationProgram has been installed. click[complete]Back[fish]AndroidClient icon will be automatically displayed on your phone desktop. As follows:


下载成功Back立即登录游戏吧!小编已经迫不及待了!还有每日金币奖励领取哦, click[receive] immediately. As follows:


Make sure you[fishing]If you have enough money in the game, you can choose the lower right corner of the hall[bank]Will,[balance]Change to[gold]进行游戏. As follows:

Reminder: RMB 1 yuan =1000 gold, please enter an integer value.


Click on the right bottom of the page[chart]You can view your list. Gold daily morning update! The number of gold coins ranked the top 20 game player will topped the list!

Contained in:[contact customer service], [set], [help], [exit]Other function keys. As follows:

Five games for you to choose:

Sea World(start playing)Shark Bay(level 10 unlock)radio star(level 20 unlock)
Li Kui chop fish(level 50 unlock)Deep sea toad(about to open)


click[contact customer service]Youter W88 will display the contact phone number and email address, you can also visit the official website for online consultation. Customer service will 7× 24 hours uninterrupted to help you!

click[setting]You can choose your own game[volume], [sound], [all mute].

click[help]进入到帮助中心Will,会显示鱼类、武器以及道具相应赔付. As follows:


话不多说,开玩!第一炮就赢得了1800金币,运势不错哦~ 抓住了几条大鱼Back,很快就升级了,升级也是有金币奖励的哦!click[receive]即可.游戏页面右边显示有[lock]and[automatic]Function keys, you can also view directly to your[experience]值and[acceleration]值. As follows:


等待时机,瞄准目标,一触即发!游戏简单易上手,老少皆宜, click手机屏幕即可完成发炮.深海3D的逼真视效,时时爆机,千倍炮台万炮齐发,金币满屏飞.立即下载游戏赢取更多金币吧~

If you have any questions during the download or the game, please contact us in 7X24 hours online customer service to get help, we will be happy to serve you!