The Champions League – Chelsea VS Paris Saint Germain

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In March 10, 2016 03:45Chelsea VS of Paris Saint GermainThe two sides are expected starting:Chelsea:Courtois, azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Cahill, Mikel, Fabregas, Baba, William, Oscar, Zal, Diego, Costa;Paris Saint Germain:Trapp, Makin Niosi, Tiago - Silva, Lewis, Maxwell, Mota, Mattu Edie, Lydia, Victoria Di Maria, Ibrahimovic, Lucas.

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Chelsea will again in the Standford Bridge Stadium and Paris Saint Germain in the battle of life and death. The game, the two teams in three consecutive seasons in the Champions League knockout of the duel, the first two seasons, the two sides were eliminated each other, Chelsea at home to win 1 flat unbeaten 1.

Chelsea last weekend league home court 1:1 draw with Storck city after the game, coach Hiddink said that the team seems unlikely to win the Premier League this season before 4, expressed a wish to fight to win or die in the Champions league. The team's recent trend of good performance, since Hiddink replaced Mourinho's Blues back the great improvement, currently has 13 consecutive league unbeaten, currently 40 points in the premier league standings ranked tenth.

Paris Saint Germain League home court face the challenge of Montpelier, the final team was forced to a tie, but still lead the table with 74 points, higher than the second Monaco 17 points, basically have been locked in the league. The team in the Champions League Cup at home to 2:1 beat the visiting Premier League team Chelsea, currently in the two round of the Champions League Cup to take the lead. This will be a confrontation with Chelsea well-matched in strength, losing the first leg, is estimated to be at the start of the game to the Paris onslaught, strengthen the oppression, but as long as the team stay focused and keep the ball as soon as possible, at the same time for the goal, I believe this field will have a greater grasp of outlet.

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