Italy serie a match: Juventus VS Palermo

赛事推荐2The April 17, 2016 21:00 is expected to debut: Juventus: Buffon, Bonui, Claude Lado, Christian, roghani, Khedira, Marchisio, Pogba, Man Giulia Ki Zi, Baala, Evra; Palermo: Sorrentino, West Luna, Gonzales, Andjelkovic, Lazar, Jajalo, Chochev, Xiyemake, Bruggeman, Gilardino, Vasquez

Youter western sports: ball chupan Juventus -2.

Both Juventus and Palermo played the last 83 years the race 54 times, Juventus 32 wins 12 flat 10 negative, the 10 most recent clash, Juventus made 7 wins and 3 losses, 5 in the home court recently, Juventus won 3 wins and 2 losses, the last encounter in Palermo Juventus this season fourteenth round of Serie A, Juventus beat his opponent 3-0.

The Bianconeri to accumulate 76 points, leading the second Naples 6 points lead in the standings, the Naples and the international Milan strong dialogue, if Juve get home court battle 7 league wins to pull one advantage. Juventus and Palermo in the history of the Serie A History of 53 times, Juventus, 32 wins, 11 draws and 10 losses, the upper hand, the last time the 7 Juventus not only to win the game, it is not lost a ball. At present, the state of Palermo is not ideal, in the League for 11 consecutive games, the current round of Juventus want to win home should not be a problem.

Because of the poor record, President Zamparini once again announced a madman Huanshuai, Balard Dini returned to Sicily. Balard Dini coached Palermo in this season, but Zamparini was fired in January, but 3 months later, he became the club coach again, the game will be staged, he had after the first show".

Juventus are recommended for 2 goals.