UEFA Champions League – Bayern VS Juventus

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March 17, 2016 03:45Bayern VS JuventusThe two sides are expected to start:Bayern Munich:Neuer, Rahm, Yossi Alabbar, TIA, kimmich, Vidal, Robben, Thomas - Muller, Tiago, Costa, Lewandowski;Juventus:Buffon, Leigh F Steiner, Bonui, Evra, Claude Lado, Christian, Hernanes, Pogba, Khedira, Man Giulia Kikki, Morata.

Youter western sports: Bayern - Munich 1-1.5 ball chupan.

In the first round confrontation, Juventus seemed stiff home court battle, the two goal is Bayern players directly off the ball to launch quick attack into the second half, the team to go after, Man Giulia Kikki seize the opportunity to rely on the fulcrum of the equaliser. At present, in addition to the absence of the Juventus squad in the first leg of the Chiellini, and now with the addition of Marchisio and the other side of the game, the team played a doubt, the staff also no longer have the advantage of. However, they need to win or play at least 2-2 or more of the draw in the second leg of the game, that is, to ensure that their own and try to contain Bayern not to score goals.

Bayern in the Bundesliga's dominance is unparalleled, since 2000, Bayern has twice reached the Champions League, the Champions League has considerable experience. Although Bayern in the sixteen first round challenge at Juventus failed to take the 1 victory in the situation ahead of the 2 ball, but currently has 2 away goal advantage, Bayern promotion is more clear. In addition, Bayern this season home court very powerful, in the league, 12 wins and 1 losses record home court to make any team, and Bayern prior to the 3 round of the Champions League group phase were home court victory, but scored only 14 goals lost 1 ball.

Juventus have gradually returned to the ranks of the European Champions League in recent years. Although at the beginning of the season in Serie A start is not smooth, but the team quickly regrouped, ranking also climbed to the top, if no accident, Juventus will be expected to reach five in Serie A title of Albert, but Juventus inherited the fine tradition of the Italy team defensive, this war was called between the spear and shield of the contest results. The unexpected. Unfortunately, Marchisio and Chiellini, Dibala this battle can not play because of injury, and another striker Man Giulia Ki Zi also injured against a doubt, this battle Juventus combat guest appearances will be greatly reduced.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game recommended Bayern let 1 ball half ball wins.