NBA tournament – Warriors VS sir

NBA赛事推荐-勇士 VS 爵士-优德W88官网

In March 10, 2016 11:30Warrior VSThe two sides are expected starting:Warrior:Thompson, Barnes, curry, Green, Bogut;Sir:Mark, Hu De, Hayward, Goebel, fivos.

Youter western sports: Thunder -12.5 3.

After the loss to the Hawks today, the gap between the West and the eighth rockets has reached a total of 2 wins. If the Rockets beat 76 men on the road tomorrow, and the Jazz can not beat the warriors, then the gap between the two sides will reach a total of 3 wins. If the target is jazz into the playoffs, then they need to avoid the impasse staged rally behind the rocket 3 wins.

The warriors battle at home court victory over Team Magic, out of the first battle at Staples lost shadow, the morale of the team to revive the battle spear warriors curry and Klein - Thompson changed before the battle the cold feeling, the two people together to send a score of 68, a total of three points in the team the ball soared 16 down. The ultimate warrior in his own way successfully repulsed the opponent, the team will be the season home court winning streak extended to 27 games, just to lose the game against the Jazz warriors in Salt Lake City, can continue to maintain such a sharp offensive firepower to defeat the opponent defense.

Jazz by just in the home court losing to the eagles, the team at present is exhausted, the battle on the Jazz defensive performance is acceptable, the team first anti opponent only 16 points, the Jazz did not give too many opponents play with the opportunity in rebounding on the Jazz for more than the opponent to grab the 13 note, helpless the team's offensive weakness, the team did not make use of the opportunity to attack two rebounds, the team with the same can not play, the team finally succumbed to the Challenge League back-to-back number one rival, physical limited Jazz trip fraught with grim possibilities of fear.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game let 12.5 points wins the warrior.