Prepare for the Halloween ChampionshipThe activity is over, thank you!


In Eight days to set points to win up to $1EightEight00 in cash prizes, prepare to celebrate Halloween!

Rules and provisions:

1 activity begins withOctober 13, 2016 0Eight:01:00 (Beijing time), as ofOctober 20th 07:59:59 (Beijing time). Applicable to WEightEight youter vnd, Indonesian rupiah, Thai baht, dollars, Renminbi, ringgit, and yen won registered members.
2 members in the golden cup Club"Shaolin rotation, crazy red dragon, super lucky and hot runner speeding"The use of real money game (mobile version and web version can be).
3 betting on real money for 54 yuan (or equivalent currency) can earn up to $1. For example: the total bet for 162 yuan (or exchange of equivalent currency), you can get a score of 3.
4 extra points: if you have the following patterns in the game you can get extra points:
Game Fraction pattern
Shaolin rotation Eight
Crazy Dragon Eight
Super lucky runner
Hot speeding Ten

5 official website ranking will be announced the top 50 members, the list will be updated at PM (Beijing time). Please click here to view the list.

Bonus structure (currency equivalent)

The first:The 400
Proxime accessit:The 250
Third:The 150
第4-Ten名: € Ten0
第11-Thirty名:The 50