European Cup tournament – Sweden VS Belgium

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June 23, 2016 03:00Sweden VS BelgiumThe two sides are expected to start:Sweden:Isaacson, Olsen, Granqvist, Lindelof, Johannsen, Berri, Kallstrom, Fuchs, Larson, Ibrhimovic, Wedt ekdahl;Belgium:Courtois, Mounier, Alderweireld, Vermaelen, vertonghen, Na'in, wurtzell, Callas, Goran de Blau Hei, O Zal, Lukaku.

Youter western sports: Belgium -0.5 ball chupan.

In the European Cup's top scorer Ibrahimovic goals for the time being tied for the first place in the third place, from the first of the ball, the ball has a gap of 3 in the first place, with a total of 6. The original media believes that the king of Sweden is expected to update their scoring data in the group stage. But the first two rounds, Ibrahimovic lost. The king of Sweden can single handedly led the team to escape? This has become the biggest attraction. While in the opposite Ibrahimovic, with 400 million ho array Belgian stars, de Blau Hei, Zal, Lukaku et al, the interpretation of the golden generation of color, the game will also be interpreted as a "three British war scenes of Lv Bu".

Sweden is considered to one of Ibrahimovic's team, the team's tactics are all around Ibrahimovic to start, but the front group phase 2 round match, Sweden's performance was disappointing, they first draw with Ireland, followed by Italy lore, currently only 1 points, ranking bottom panel. This time against Belgium, Sweden, if you can beat the opponent will be basically a place to qualify. Once the opponent can not beat, Sweden will be eliminated. Ibrahimovic in front of the 2 game played very hard, but still can not get a goal for the team, the overall strength of the Swedish team is still a big gap with the war between belgium. In the case of Ibrahimovic can fight to win or die, how come the performance worthy of attention.

Belgium in the first round 0-2 defeat to Italy, disappointing. But the war Belgium 3-0 in Ireland, the team's performance is getting better, especially a ball leading in the last round of the competition in Belgium, Ireland has been unable to concentrate on defense, actually helps the Belgian super offensive ability, and ultimately a victory, greatly enhance the Belgian team morale. Belgium at present accumulates 3 points ranked third in the group, the game team wins or draw with Sweden will be second in the group identity and the team qualify, once lost, is likely to be eliminated.

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