NBA tournament recommended – Spurs VS Warriors


04 2016 11 June 07:05 VS is expected to debut: Warriors both San Antonio Spurs: Dannige even and odd, Bonner, Yunma Tian David Weiss, Ma Ji slave domain; Warriors: Steven Curie, Kyle Torey Mongeau, H. Thompson, even schlie, AI bennis.

The game youter western sports chupan: spurs -5.5.

This is the two regular season fourth times against Spurs last 3 times against the warriors made only 1 wins and 2 losses in the home court against Spurs on back-to-back warriors, to regain a city at.

The Spurs nearly two battle in successive away defeat in one field, is lost to the warriors, the return to the home court, fitness fully restored power Spurs will increase, although this season was less than that of the warriors, but the Spurs are the only team to keep the League unbeaten home court, the home court game against powerful, continuous fighting the warriors, the Spurs prevailing in the physical characteristics, if the team can give full play to its focus, try to keep many sets of squad rotation combat mode, the Spurs will outlast the warriors in the home court.

The warriors on a 1 win over the Grizzlies paratelum strong reversal, therefore, the team has reached the total record of 71 wins from terror, with only 1 bulls record field, but it is worth mentioning that this season has been away 33 warriors victory, tying the 1995-96 bulls season to maintain a single season away the best record.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game the Spurs to 5.5 points wins recommended.