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Youter offer you a storehouse of reward, good luck not to be missed, come on follow up a victory with hot pursuit!
Rules and provisions:
  1. This activity applies toAfter 10:00:00 (Beijing time) on September 24, 2014All registered members of rmb.
  2. Through the verification of personal information (personal information, bank information, telephone, e-mail) will receive 30 yuan reward.
  3. Bonus will be transferred directly to the center of the lock after the completion of the "lock" column.
  4. After the successful withdrawal of 100 yuan, the bonus automatically unlocked into the center wallet.
  5. If the deposit amount of 300 yuan or more, the principal can not withdraw after the withdrawal to automatically unlock $30 reward, you can consult the online customer service application to unlock.
  6. Reward 30 yuan to complete a double water withdrawals.
  7. This offer can be shared with other offers unless otherwise specified.
  8. Youter W88 has the right at any time to the individual and \/ or all members, suspend or cancel the preferential activities.
  9. Welcome to login youter W88 online customer service or view youter W88 official micro-blog, WeChat for more details.
  10. Youter W88 the general terms and conditions apply to this offer.