Recommended – VS Las Palmas erval La Liga matches


In January 2016 08, 03:30 both sides is expected to debut: erval: irureta, Lillo, Ramis, Pan Diqi, Luna, Adrian, Baleinaite SA, Arruabarrena, Inui, Sabalu AIT, Baston; Lars Palmas, Alcaraz, Lester: Lisuoan Aldi and Garrido, Custer, Giulio, Vicente, Arnold Zal, Ba Lei long, Momo Ala U Ho

Youter western sports: let 0.5 ball chupan erval.

Erval and Las Palmas two La Liga teams met in the king's Cup 16 strong, for both sides who qualify for the quarterfinals of war is not a small breakthrough, it is not in their previous king's cup, often appear in the situation.

As a newly promoted Mae Val last season, this season there is a very large increase. Off season green, stability of the season is very strong, this is also the reason why the current can be ranked eighth in the league. Outstanding performance of the team more recently reflected in the attack, the last 4 games and scored 10 goals seem this is not a game against the defensive team, in which striker Barstow showed very good competitive state, one person scored three goals, which also began to attack the team horn. Never break a cup 16 strong team in the past few seasons, and this year the League performance pressure is not the case is a great opportunity to break through their own bottom line, I believe the team will not easily give up this opportunity.

Lars Palmas is now ranked sixteenth in the league, the cruel relegation pressure they can not breathe, can the team ranked 16 is mainly relying on home court results, but in the away team shown no combat at all, of course, the last round to draw with Bilbao is a surprise. The team is mainly to counter known, but it is only limited in their home court, according to the rules are often easier to play back away features, but they always lack of motivation and confidence on the road, they are willing to look at home court tenacious struggle, and will surrender to the road.

Recommended erval let 0.5 ball wins.