Kinde Club (QT) – crack


Crack is a very high rate of slot machine game, less investment, return! Let you win can not stop, look at the small series of harvest it ~!

The first to win 150 yuan, the momentum is good Oh, again!


A large amount of money has been triggered by the bonus game -10 free rotation.


Will there be a miracle in the 10 free rotation? Is looking forward to!


You are not wrong, 10 free rotation is the prize of 11000 yuan. Xiao Bian is really surprised ah ~


It is good luck! Small series first bet 500 yuan, won the free rotation of the next time, and then in the free rotation of the 10 were triggered in the 2 free rotation of the 2, and repeatedly triggered the prize money. What you see is the small series with 500 yuan total bet to win64800 yuan.


小编是怀着憧憬又激动的心情在游戏,想必很多玩家在游戏时会和我一样忐忑不安吧.最后小编居然用区区500元赢得了额外的64800 yuan, is really full of harvest!


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