NBA games recommended – Spurs VS clippers

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In March 16, 2016 08:30Spurs VS clippersThe two sides are expected to start:Spurs:Leonard, Aldridge, Duncan, Parke, Danny - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -;Clippers:Paul, Jordan, Reddick, Geoff - Green, moute.

Youter western sports: San Antonio -9 3.

In the first round of the playoffs last season, the Spurs and the Clippers meet, eventually the two sides played seventh games, the Clippers on Paul's final winner, a total score of 4-3 in the second round, for both teams, this is also a confrontation. Griffin is currently still in a truce, the defensive pressure is suddenly reduced, they also need to crush Paul.

Spurs in the near future state of excellence, after beating the thunder made 3 winning streak, nearly 10 games lost only the field of the game, the team is currently at a record high of 56 wins and 10 losses in the west, from the first of the warriors have the difference between the 3.5 wins in the field of the game, the world's top second. In the rest of the regular season, the Spurs and the warriors in the first and 3 confrontation, if can take two of them even more, the warrior is not impossible, but the premise is that the team must win more than men in the face of other competitors. As the attacking arrow spurs, Leonard in the past five games, averaged 23.6 points, but his three pointer hit rate of decline, during which averaged the shot hit rate of only 29.2%, the average of the 46.5% season to fall a lot.

The Clippers are bad luck again and again, first by the thunder revenge success, followed by the knight score blocked, the leader of the second echelon of the beginning of the season, but now is about to fall out of four West, drop speed is astounding. The team is also a backyard fire, striker Brandon Dawson was arrested because of domestic violence. For the clippers, after suffering the worst defeat in the season, they have to do is fight for a rebound. Although there is no Griffin, but Paul, and so on, and so on, to strive to lead the team, they want to have a better performance in this five of the passengers in the same time, and so on, in order to have a better performance in the same time, the company has a better performance in the.

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