Golden Pool Club (GPI) – shake Qian Shu


Golden pool club on the new "shake Qian Shu" slot machine games, auspicious good luck as the fall of the golden rain from the tree landing, more prizes waiting for you to take!


Qian Shu is a 5 axis of the way to win the award of online slot machine game 243. Riches and honour auspicious shake Qian Shu, help you win huge prizes!


Payment table information is as follows. As follows:


This game contains all-match [], [J] design pattern, [], [free rotation] and a plurality of instant win [double] random free rotation.


All-match []Instead of all the symbols, in addition to the "Indiana", 2, 3 and 4 appear on the reel.

[J]3 or more from reel to reel starting from left to right will appear: free rotation - Qian Shu. Free rotation repeatable trigger.


Shake Qian Shu slot machine games, there are 20 free rotation, the 15 free rotation, the free rotation of the 10, the free rotation of the 8, the free rotation of the 5 times, and multiplied by the number of different multiples of the double award.


Look at the small side of the game while you introduced easily 400 oceans in the bag! It's really easy to get a bonus, it's definitely a Geely and a nice slot machine game! You are also eager? That immediately log on to the official website to enter the real money model to win huge bonuses!

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