England super league tournament – VS Bournemouth United

英格兰超级联赛赛事推荐-Manchester United VS Bournemouth

May 18, 2016 03:00Manchester United VS BournemouthThe two sides are expected to start:Manchester United:David De Gea, Valencia, Jackson, Smolin, blinder, Carrick, Rooney, Lin Jiade, Marshall, Mata, Rush Forde;Bournemouth:Federici, Francis, El Fik, Cook, Daniels, Surman, Ricci, Hart, Pufu, Kim, Wilson.

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The last game of the season 2015-16 season, Manchester United against Bournemouth at old trafford. The game was supposed to be carried out in May 15th, but because the scene was suspected of temporary cancellation of explosives, postponed two days to start. Two teams in the past only 9 Games record, Manchester United 5 wins 2 flat 2 negative, the league only 1 games this season is the first leg of Bournemouth Bournemouth win, another win against United in the 1984 FA Cup win home court.

The game is the season finale. Manchester United team currently 63 points ranked sixth, with fourth of the city by 3 points, with fifth points with Southampton and Manchester City, due to difference of 18 goal difference, to overcome rivals must qualify for the Champions League, the margin of victory more than 19 goals in the Premier League history, we have not seen such a disparity in the score, for four, basically only the theory of hope, but the team needs at least 1 minutes to overwhelm Southampton was fifth, so they can get a UEFA Cup qualifying round, so the team still has some of the war. But this weekend they will have to compete with Crystal Palace for the FA Cup, but the stubborn Van Gaal has little rotation this season.

Bournemouth is a game with 42 points ranked sixteenth, with thirteenth of the difference between Waterford 3 and the goal difference is 10, so the best result for the team this season is probably the fourteenth, but the premier league ranking higher, get more bonuses, so they will have to avoid relegation success play the game under the condition of no pressure. But the team was slack after relegation to get points, nearly 4 points only get round. Distin, Cummings, Smith could not play the game, but for such a big star did not completely rely on the overall civilian team is not affected. This season the team on the road 6 wins, 4 draws and 8 losses record in the Premier League in the top twelfth, proved to be very effective in the fight back away.

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