The European Champions League – Paris Saint Germain vs Manchester


2016 04, 07,, 02:45Paris Saint Germain VS ManchesterThe two sides are expected to start:Paris Saint Germain:Trapp, Markwei Niosi, Tiago Silva, David Lewis, Maxwell, Mattu Edie, Tiago, Mota, Ibrhimovic, Rabbi Ott Cavani, Di Maria;City:Caballero, Saba Laeta, however, Mangala, Kolarov, Yaya Toure, Phil Nandy Neo, Stryn, de Blau Hei, Silva, Aguero.

The game youter western sports: Paris St Germain - 0.5-1 ball chupan.

Paris Saint Germain lead in the French league has reached 25 points, the team has been locked in advance of the Ligue 1 champions, allowing them to concentrate on the Champions league. Paris Saint Germain has 4 consecutive season qualify for the Champions League quarter finals, but before the 3 season they missed the semi-finals, the 2013 and 2015 lost to Barcelona, Chelsea was eliminated in 2014. But the French champions top scorer Yibuben season has scored 30 goals in the league, and he in the Champions League game is also played well, the last round of the Champions League is Ibrahimovic's goal to help the team out of Chelsea. Paris Saint Germain Champions League 10 game home court made 7 wins 2 flat 1 negative record, the only defeat lost to barcelona.

The last round of the Premier League Manchester 4-0 away win over Bournemouth, recently made 4 races first win, one point ahead of the Manchester United League ranked fourth, early no title hopes, but the need for a Champions League qualification and work. After the Manchester City Champions League elimination dynamo Kiev, for the first time in history in the Champions Cup quarter finals. Prior to the two season they were promoted 16, but were blocked in the quarterfinals outside barcelona. But it is worth noting that at the end of the season, Manchester City boss Pellegrini leave Manchester City as the Premier League's only child, the quarter finals, the team will put more energy into the Champions league.

Paris Saint Germain has been locked in advance of the French League champions, Champions League opener in Bayern and Barcelona hard block four step, although Paris Saint Germain lien League nemesis, but the rest was the main basic not too general problem. Compared with Manchester City this season in the League performance is slightly inferior, it also has a great relationship with the team of injuries, many people doubt the case battle is very difficult to grasp the opponent to win.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game recommended Paris St Germain wins a ball.