[W88] Italy eudem 2015-2016 Football League thirty-first round race


Beijing time on April 03 (Sunday) 00:00, is about to usher in the first round of the 2015-2016 Italy football league matches, the following small series will take you ahead of schedule and event analysis preview.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2016\/4\/3 (Sunday) 00:00 Carle leather Sassolo
2016\/4\/3 (Sunday) 02:45 Juventus Empoli
2016\/4\/3 (Sunday) 18:30 Udine J Naples
2016\/4\/3 (Sunday) 21:00 Atlanta AC Milan
2016\/4\/3 (Sunday) 21:00 Verona Palermo
2016\/4\/3 (Sunday) 21:00 Florence sampdoria
2016\/4\/3 (Sunday) 21:00 Genoa Flohr Siino Hei
2016\/4\/3 (Sunday) 21:00 Lazio Rome
2016\/4\/4 (Monday) 02:45 International Milan Turin
2016\/4\/5 (Tuesday) 02:45 Bologna Verona

 Carle leathervs萨索洛

[score data analysis]

1、Carle leather目前取得6胜10平14负刚好脱离降级区域,其中主场4胜5平6负表现不俗,但是场均失球数达到1.27个。

2, Sassolo, now 11 wins 12 flat 7 negative record ranked seventh in the league, which was 5 wins, 5 draws and 5 defeats, averaging goal number also reached more than 1.

3、最近6轮联赛表现中,Carle leather取得2胜3平1负有所回暖,而萨索洛则取得3胜2平2负优势更大。

4, the two sides have so far met a total of 3 times, of which Sassolo scored a total of 2 wins and 1 losses a little lead, the first time this season to meet home 1-0 victory over opponents.

整体而言对于Visiting team取胜毫无信心,而且Carle leather疲于保级,如今仍然很有机会,至少主场力保平局理应不成问题。

优德W88西方体育提醒:本场比赛推荐Carle leather让0-0.5球胜。