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100% deposit bonus up to $2888! Hundreds of slot machine game as you play, won the jackpot!


  1. This event is applicable to all new members registered in rmb. Members can apply for a first deposit bonus.
  2. This event began on January Twenty17 01 00:00:00 (Beijing time), as of 23:59:59 on January 31, Twenty17 (Beijing time).
  3. Low depositTwentyRMBAnd go to your favorite slot machine wallet. Each member is limited to the initial deposit and transfer to the tiger machine purse (Gold pool, mirage, King Brahma, Kinde, toad, Jin Zun) may apply for the bonus. Please note that the city is not included in the real life entertainment slot machine games.
Terms and conditions:
  1. Water demand:
    You need to be able to reach Twenty times after the deposit bonus. For example:
    Transfer to pool club RMB Twenty
    100% deposit bonus =100% RMB = RMB = Twenty X
    Requires betting amount = (RMB Twenty + RMB Twenty) X = RMB = 800
  2. Please enter the following bonus code in the transfer to a slot machine game wallet to get the bonus
    bonus code Game Game钱包 Maximum bonus amount Water demand
    W100SLBSTwenty A gold club Youter + other slot machine Club RMB 2888 Twenty-five
    W100SLGAPTwenty Jinzun Club Youter + other slot machine Club RMB 2888 Twenty-five
    W100SLBVTwenty Golden Pool Club Youter + other slot machine Club RMB 2888 Twenty
    W100SLPZTwenty At the club Andy RMB 2888 Twenty-five
    W100SLAPTwenty Kinde Club Youter + other slot machine Club RMB 2888 Twenty-five
    W100SLNVTwenty Toad Club Toad RMB 2888 Twenty-five
  3. 如何使用bonus code,您可以参照这里
  4. If members do not qualify for this offer, without the need for water withdrawals. Members can participate in other offers, please contact online customer service consulting.
  5. 此优惠适用于下列Game钱包.会员只可申领老虎机GameAny deposit bonus in.
    *下列产品不计入Water demand – click here
  6. Youter W88 has the right to cancel any member or gang member betting at any time, we have the sole and absolute discretion.
  7. 首存红利如果申请的是老虎机Game,获取的红利只可以玩老虎机Game,若发现红利投注与真人娱乐城Game,将没收废除所有的红利金额.
  8. 备注:Water demand不计算俱乐部中的真人荷官Game.
  9. 如果红利在30天内未达到1倍流水,我们将有权取消红利及其盈利.若申请提款时未达到相应Water demand,红利及其盈利将被扣除.
  10. 首存红利投注流水不计入返水有效流水中.
  11. 优德W88有权在任何时间取消优惠,对所有玩家或者个别玩家.
  12. 优德W88一般条款与规则适用于此优惠.