August tour 1288 yuan ChampionshipThe activity is over, thank you!


Water level and above the free membership to participate in, to win up to $1Twenty-eight8 cash reward!

Rules and provisions:

The following is the details and timing of the $1Twenty-eight8 tournament in August:

start time Registration fee
Management expense Registration tickets Minimum number Maximum number prize Starting chip
1Zero:ZeroZero:ZeroZero PM (Beijing time)
Twenty-eight Zero yes 1Zero 15Zero $1,Twenty-eight8 5ZeroZeroZero
  1. 八月之旅1Twenty-eight8元锦标赛开放给所有玩家。
  2. 八月之旅1Twenty-eight8元锦标赛,免费对水龙以上级别会员开放(包括风龙、光龙和金龙)。
  3. 地龙和火龙的会员需Twenty-eight元Registration fee方可参加八月之旅1Twenty-eight8元锦标赛。
  4. Limited number of entries, the first come first served principle.
  5. 虚拟筹码不yes现金,不能提款。
  6. Game list update.
  7. After the end of the tournament, the cash bonus will be added to the winner's Dezhou mahjong account.
  8. Cash bonus will be set according to the total number of participants.
  9. For more details about bonus wallet and water, please click here to view.
  10. W88 reserves the right to cancel the event at any time to cancel the qualification of individual or all players.
  11. W88 general terms and conditions apply to this offer.