NBA event recommended – Lakers VS heat

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03 2016 31 June 10:35Lakers VS heatThe two sides are expected starting VS miami:Lakers:Clarkson, Williams, Kobe, Randall, and Hibbert;Miami Heat:De Rakic, Wade, Johnson, Deng, and Stoudemire

The game youter western sports -10 Miami: 3.

The Lakers currently record 15 wins and 59 losses, the team is experiencing a wave of losing streak of 4. The last game against the jazz, the purple army to 75-123 defeat, Kobe 1 shots of the audience only in the middle of 11. At the same time, the game, but also the history of the history of the history of the history of the biggest loss. At the same time, for the Lakers, they are the worst record, only one step away. In the 57-58 season, the Lakers won only 19 games in a single season, which means that in the remaining 8 games, the purple team needs to win the game in the next 5, in order to avoid becoming the worst team history. Just for the Lakers, easier said than done.

Heat the current record of 43 wins and 30 losses, ranking in the eastern part of the group, but they are only ahead of the Celtics and the Hornets in the field of the game, behind the eagles of the 1 wins, the situation is very subtle, and the game is very delicate, but the situation is very delicate, but the game is very delicate, and the game is very delicate, but the game is very delicate, and the game is very delicate, and it is only 0.5. Previously they beat the nets to 110-99, the game Wade outstanding performance, the 19 throw in 14, scored 30 points, which is heat 11 victories in the last 15 games.
The two sides in the history of a total of 55 games, the Lakers won the game in the 30, lost the game of 25. 7 meetings in the past, the heat to achieve victory. And in the last 12 encounters, the heat won the first of the 11. The game for the first time this season, the heat to 101-88 victory over the Lakers home court. Overwhelmed again, the strength of the state are clearly in the upper hand of the heat is expected to take away from the victory.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game is recommended to make 10 points wins the heat.