NBA tournament recommendation – Warriors VS Wizards

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March 30, 2016 10:30Warriors VS WizardsThe two sides are expected to start:Warrior:Thompson, Barnes, curry, Green, Bogut;Wizards:Waldo, Bill, Potter, Nene, gortat.

Youter western sports: Warriors -13 ".

At present, the Wizards record of 36 wins and 37 losses, the record can be just placed in the West in the eastern finalists playoffs, but only finished ninth. They are behind the pistons 2.5 wins, the situation is precarious. In this case, the Wizards have to play every game. But the Wizards want at Oracle center win, easier said than done. After the warriors to win 76 117-105, recently won a series of winning streak, including home games in a row of 53, including home games this season, winning streak of 35 games in a row of four. If we can win the Wizards in the game, the warriors will be tying on the season.

The warriors with 66 wins and 7 negative results ranked highest in the league, the team in the home court is achieved 35 wins, the power is very strong warriors home court, the library field can take the highest League 30 points, once before it frantically against the Wizards score of 51, while the Klein - Thompson recently feel is good, Raymond - Green is a take 3 pairs of players, keep the competitive state of the team in the 3 core players under the leadership of the campaign against the strength of ordinary wizards, warriors home court should be nothing difficult.

The Wizards beat the Lakers in the game battle, the team got rid of defeats in the doldrums, encouraged by the morale of the team, but the overall strength of the Wizards still conceal before the fact, this season the Wizards winning is still less than 5, the team ranked tenth in the eastern part of the wizards to squeeze into the playoffs the difficulty is not small, compared with the warriors and wizards the fire season significantly less, the team is averaging less than the opponent to get 12 points, and lost their specific provisions and opponents on the field of combat efficiency be roughly the same, the team really can not compared with the warriors, the challenge for this very influential warrior, wizard if it is fraught with grim possibilities.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game let 13 points wins the warrior.