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"The club has excellent youter office" for the global shock on the line! Active member games only for deposits. The extraordinary enjoyment of the game audio and video, beautiful real man, a game!

Youter Club - excellent hall has 3 \/ 98, 1 super baccarat baccarat seven, 1 tiger, 1 dice, 1 roulette game player betting more choice for the majority of space.

At present we have 2D, 3D full screen, 7 seats and multiple tables, you can according to their own preferences in the table.

                                                         Baccarat \/ super 98

Game play:Player and the dealer each send two cards, the most close to 9 points is the winner. If you are free of any party two cards total of 8, 9 points for the day card, the other party does not have Bo card, that is the outcome.

In addition, the card must be made, this rule is called the rules of the draw". Make up third cards to the leisure home in full accordance with the rules of the entertainment city. If the idle home suspension, and the dealer before the total number of 2 cards face only 5 points or less. If the family has to fill third cards, fill the cards to the dealer in accordance with the rules of the entertainment city third.


Bet type:

  • Big \/ small
    Small - if the total number of cards equal to 4 cards (not issued fifth cards), the odds for the loss of 1 to 1.45.
    Big - if the number of cards is 5 or 6 (must issue a card of fifth or six), the odds of $1 loss of 0.53.
    买Big \/ small的Betting方式只在每靴牌的前35局能参与。
  • Banker \/ free home
    Betting on the first two cards in the home or the dealer is a pair, odds of $1 loss of 11.
  • Free home \/ dealer 8\/9 points
    Betting on the first two cards in the home or the family had a total of 8 or 9 points, the odds for the loss of 8 to 1.
  • Appear the following situation, betting inFree homeDealer 8\/9 pointWill be regarded as lost, even if the player or banker 8 points or 9 points wins"
  • Betting“庄8点胜”,如果“庄”前两张牌有一张8点,将视为输(比如:“Free home”手为“9点”胜)
  • Betting "idle 8 points wins", if "idle" the first two cards have a point of 8, will be regarded as lost (for example: "banker" hand as "the 9 points")
  • If the game result is "and", "no betting 8 points wins" or "9 point victory" will be regarded as lost.

Exceptional case:

  • No commission baccarat, the dealer in any six points to win payment: 1 \/ 0.5 (50%)
  • Super 6+
    Next note to predict whether the dealer to win 6 points.
    “Super 6+”两张牌总点数为6,赔付1赔12。
    “Super 6+”三张牌总点数为6,赔付1赔18。

HEDY Baccarat

Game play:Baccarat game.

HEDY Baccarat游戏和标准百家乐的不同点在于:

  • "Leisure" home first card surface fixed to 7 points.
  • Each hand starts from the "Zhuang" licensing.
  • Second cards issued free, third cards issued to the village.
  • The following third cards draw the same rules as the standard baccarat.

HEDY Baccarat-优德W88官网

BettingHEDY Baccarat赔付表As follows:

The winner. Odds
Betting”庄”7点 1 lost 1.5
Betting”庄”任意点数 1 lost 1
Betting”闲” 7点 1 lost 0.5
Betting”闲”任意点数 1 lost 1
Betting”和” 7点 1 lost 9
Betting”和”任意点数 1 lost 7
"Super 7"
Any 7 two
Any 7 three
Any 7 four
Any 7 five
Any 7 six
1 lost 1.5
1 lost 6
1 lost 15
1 lost 77
1 lost 777
  • "And" refers to the end of each game, leisure and the same points.
  • "Super 7"是指所有完整的一手牌中, 至少有2张7组成的,包括托管到闲手中的7。Note:
  • "Super 7"作为旁边注,需要先Betting于庄、闲或和之后才可进行Betting。
  • "Super 7" 作为旁边注,仅提供于每靴牌前35手。

Dragon and tiger

Game play:“Dragon and tiger”是目前最受欢迎的娱乐城卡牌类项目之一。在"Dragon" and "tiger""的位置各派一张牌,比较大小,点数大的一方为胜方。

顺序以K最大,而A最小,不计花色。牌之大小顺序As follows:
K (13), Q (12), J (11), 10, 8, 7, 6, 5,, 2, A (1) ()

Dragon and tiger-优德W88官网

Bet type:

  • "Dragon" and "tiger""
    “Loong”或“tiger”,获得点数更大者为赢家。当您下注“Loong”或“tiger”任意一方,并获胜时,都将不被抽取任何佣金;除非结果是And Bureau时,将被抽取Betting金额的50%作为佣金。
  • And Bureau
    "Dragon" and "tiger""得到相同的点数(不计花色),即为And Bureau。
  • Long single \/ double and tiger single \/ double
    Bet on the "dragon" or "tiger" single card face for "single" or "double"". Will not take any commission.
    当“Loong” 牌面为7点时,Betting“Loong单”和“Loong双”输(不计花色)
    当“tiger” 牌面为7点时,Betting“tiger单”和“tiger双”输(不计花色)
    BettingLoong 单/双 和tiger 单/双只在每靴牌的前35局能参与。

Exceptional case:

Betting类型 Odds
Select charge"Loong"To win 1赔1(当结果为And Bureau时,抽取Betting金额的50%作为佣金)
Select charge"tiger"To win 1赔1(当结果为And Bureau时,抽取Betting金额的50%作为佣金)

Sic bo

Game play:At the beginning of the game, the chips are placed on the table to represent one or more dice combinations. The bet is completed, a dice dice cup will start rotating.

Sic bo-优德W88官网

Bet type:

  • Small charge"
    Small charge"为赢,须三粒骰子之点数总和为4点至10点 (不包括围骰)。
    If three of the dice points of the same plane, the take.
  • Charge big"
    Charge big"为赢,须三粒骰子之点数总和为11点至17点 (不包括围骰)。
    If three of the dice points of the same plane, the take.
  • Charge single"
    Charge single"为赢,须三粒骰子之点数总和为5,7,9,11,13,15,17点(不包括围骰)。
    If three of the dice points of the same plane, the take.
  • Charge double"
    Charge double"为赢,须三粒骰子之点数4,6,8,10,12,14,16点(不包括围骰)。
    If three of the dice points of the same plane, the take.
  • Armed forces"
  • Bet "dice"
    Bet "dice"为赢,须三粒骰子平面点数与阁下选定的点数相同。
  • All round"
    And "dice" to win, to be at a point to six points, three points the same plane dice.
  • Charge points"
    Charge points"为赢,须三粒骰子平面点数之总和与阁下选定的点数相同。
  • "Charge""
  • "Type and pai"
    "Type and pai"为赢,须三粒骰子中至少两粒平面点数与阁下选定的两粒组合一致。

    若三粒骰子平面点数相同,则通吃Big \/ small及单/双各注。

Game play:Live roulette using the European standard roulette rules, the use of the real disk by the real man.


Bet type:

  • Single code bet (lone d)
  • Two yard bet (two lines)
  • Vertical three yards (three column) bet
    阁下可以任意选择一竖排共三个号码,然后将筹码放置在那一竖排的底端。最大Betting额为 “单个数字”最大Betting额的三倍。
  • Square four yard bet (four ride line)
    阁下可以将筹码押注在一个方形(共四个号码)的中间。最大Betting额为 “单个数字”最大Betting额的四倍。
  • Four yards bet
    阁下可以通过将筹码押注在第一竖排及“0”中间的线上,来押“0”,“1”,“2”及“3”,共四个号码。最大Betting额为 “单个数字”最大Betting额的四倍。
  • Two vertical six yards betting
    阁下可以任意选择两相邻竖排共六个号码,然后将筹码放置在那两竖排相交的底端。最大Betting额为 “单个数字”最大Betting额的六倍。
  • Straight bet
    阁下可以下注正个横排内所有的号码,并将筹码放置在那横排底端标注着“1赔2”的3方格中任意一个内。若出现的号码是在您所押注的该横排范围内,您可以赢得2倍的赌金(1赔2);“0”不在此范围内,庄家通吃。最大Betting额为 “单个数字”最大Betting额的十倍。
  • 12 yards bet
    阁下可以下注12个号码为一组,并将筹码押注在“1至12”,“13至24”,或“25至36”中任意的方格中。若出现的号码是在您所押注的范围内,您可以赢得2倍的赌金(1赔2);“0”不在此范围内,庄家通吃。最大Betting额为 “单个数字”最大Betting额的十倍。
  • Red \/ black, single \/ double, small \/ big bet
    阁下可以对沿着桌子的长边的任意方格下注,这个长边包括了轮盘赌桌上一半的数字( “0”除外)。每个方格包含18个号码。若出现的号码是在您所押注范围内,您可以赢得1倍的赌金(1赔1);“0”不在此范围内,庄家通吃。最大Betting额为 “单个数字”最大Betting额二十倍。
  • 最小Betting额
  • Zero marginal corner
    Zero marginal corner区域所有号码为:22,18,29,7,28,12,35,3,26,0,32,15,19,4,21,2,25。基本涵盖轮盘将近一半的号码,包括“0”。玩家需要落注9个筹码:4/7, 12/15, 18/21, 19/22, 32/35各落一个筹码;0-2-3落注 2 个筹码;25-29落注 2 个筹码。
  • Wheel down angle
    玩家将6个筹码押注于号码:27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, 33。这叫做Wheel down angle。5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30, 33/36各落一个筹码。玩家最终赢利为17 + 1 – 6 = 12筹码。对应Odds为6赔12或1赔2。
  • Wheel flyer
    玩家押注于号码:17, 34,6,1,20,14,31,9,此区域叫做轮盘的“Wheel flyer”区。玩家将5个筹码下注于:1落一个筹码;6/9, 14/17, 17/ 20, 31/34各落一个筹码。请注意,号码17须进行两码押注以赢取组合彩金。
  • 相邻Betting
  • Wheel zero side
    Zero on the wheel refers to the number around 0, including 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 15. Players need to fall note 4 chips: 0\/3, 12\/15, 32\/35 each note a chip; 26 drop note a chip.

Note: You can bet on 2, 3, or even the number 4. For example, you can use 0 to bet on: 1+0, 1+2+0, 2+0, 3+0 or 1+2+3+0.

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