NBA tournament recommended – Hornets VS bulls

赛事推荐1The February 9, 2016 08:00 is expected to debut: Bull: Ross, Moore, Snell, Gibson, Gasol; Walker, Batum, the hornets: Maijiji, Williams, Zeller

Youter western sports: the Hornets -6 3.

Beijing time on February 9th at 8 in the morning, the NBA regular season games in the Eastern Conference, the Hornets Sherlock Bobcats arena against the bulls. According to Jeremy Lin 's recent two good games, he seems to have reached a new level.

The Hornets won a three game victory over the Wizards in the last four games and they won the last five games in the last four games. The good news is finally wasp health, including Batum and the two main Maijiji. Maijiji regression, largely promoted the Hornets' defense, in the last four games, they averaged only 95 points points. But the Hornets are now very much hope that Jeremy Lin can get back to the state, in the past two games, Jeremy Lin scored a total of 13 points and a total of 4 assists, a total of 11 shots in the hit rate of only 36.4%.

A loss to Minnesota bulls suffered two defeats in their last five games, lost four games, the five games they are averaging points to reach 110.8 points. The recent bull is really too bad, they have lost two important Nuo A and Andrew Milo Diqy, but Butler before and Denver injured exit.

Recommendation of the wasp to 6 points wins.