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May 24, 2016 08:30Toronto VS KnightThe two sides are expected to start:Toronto:Lori, DeRozan, Carol, Paterson, Bo billom;Knight:Erwin, J-R- Smith,, Le Fu, Thompson.

Youter western sports: Knight -5.5 ".
Back to the Toronto Raptors to attack, on a game winning 99-84, breaking the knight playoffs unbeaten. Of course, the main reason for the loss of the last game is that their performance is too bad, Erwin and Le Fu total of 28 shots in only 4. When this performance stands in front of James, but also cannot clap with one hand, just watched the team lost the game. This is the fourth round of the two teams met, the Raptors battle at home court success will score level was 1 to 2, the home court to continue to resist the enemy, morale is high up to the next city to toronto.

The battle back to the home court after the Raptors played obvious confidence, Lori from the opening would not stop for long shots to try to handle, the hit rate is rapidly increasing, and the other is the core Deluozan scored a game high 32 points in the array, and another 4 players scored in double figures, the performance is on the defensive end of Toronto not ambiguous, ’ Chikan rebounds ’ billom Bo alone grabbed 26 rebounds and 4 blocked shots recorded, the defensive team successfully made the Raptors inside as strong as iron, restricting the opponent more than attacking shots, finally get the Raptors offense and defense and pulled a city, and actively play the team still keep this people to compete with rival.

The knight after 2 to 0 lead significantly underestimate the enemy team mentality, completely underestimated the Raptors counterattack ability battle Knight offensive performance team is too casual, depend too much on the outside shot, the team three points shot up to 41 times, but hit only 14 times, the two giants Erwin and le Fujun full array of wrought iron, this the team on the offensive ends and no Tristan Thompson in this position also hit the opponent short center after blasting, the battle against the Knights inside and outside lines were lost to rivals, ultimately losing also reasonable, the knight should get rid of the enemy mentality, as much as possible to strengthen the team with more the odds.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game recommended Knight 5.5 points for the win.