The Champions League – Dinamo Kiev VS Manchester City

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February 25, 2016 03:45Dinamo Kiev VS Manchester CityThe two sides are expected to start:Dinamo Kiev:Seaan J koves Ki, Antunes, Drago Vecchi, C Cheri Di, Silva, Ray Balka, Sidor Chu, gamaches g, Mora Jess, Yamolunke, Gonzales;City:Hart, Kompani, Saba Laeta, Phil Nandy Neo, however, Yaya Toure, Kolarov, Silva, Fernando, Aguero, Stryn.

Youter western sports: -0.5 ball chupan manchester.

This is a game of the two teams in the European history of the third meetings, only after the two teams in the UEFA Cup on the two game, the two teams in the 2010-11 Champions League Cup 16 strong meet, Manchester 0-2 away defeat to Kiev, back to the home court after a 1-0 victory over Manchester city.

Good performance of dynamo Kiev in this season's UEFA Champions League in the group phase, the team finally beat Oporto to win the chance to win the Ukraine League, but because the winter long span of nearly 3 months, so the recent Kiev dynamo can only rely on the warm-up match for the state, but the friendship match degree of confrontation and rhythm of nature can not be compared and the race in recent years, and from the performance point of view, Kiev dynamo strength level is much less than before, the team the last two seasons is consecutive missed the Champions league.

Recently the city state is very bad, last weekend in the FA Cup 1:5 defeat away at the foot of Chelsea, the team's recent events were losing streak, but lost every match key, the blue moon morale was a blow, and announced in advance due to the club manager for next season, the team is not affected by instant power small, in addition to de Blau Hei, Nasri and Navas offensive players injured, resulting in Manchester this game in Paibingbuzhen in front of the affected small.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game is recommended to let the hemisphere Manchester City wins.