European Cup – Welsh VS Northern Ireland

欧洲杯赛事推荐-Welsh VS Northern Ireland -优德W88官网

Beijing time on June 26th 00:00 Welsh vs, Northern Ireland, two teams with outstanding play group phase successfully meet, is a British civil war staged. Two teams are likely to be underestimated by the fans, but they have a strong strength to conquer the stadium. This duel who are more optimistic about winning?

欧洲杯赛事推荐-Welsh VS Northern Ireland -优德W88官网

Welsh VS Northern Ireland

Aspect of competition:

The derby is triggered at any moment:For the first time to participate in the European Cup is Welsh in the group phase stage performance make people sit up and take notice, despite England lore, but they were defeated in Slovakia and Russia, eventually locked the top the group qualify for. Although Northern Ireland lost to Germany and Poland, but they Lectra Ukraine, this also makes its success into the top 16. The Welsh in Northern Ireland and England on Derby, who want to create a miracle again reached the historic 8.

Event analysis:

The two teams in the history of a class in international competitions, the two sides have 95 Games record, Welsh 44 wins, 24 draws and 27 losses prevail, scoring 190 goals to lose 132 balls. The two teams recently 8 confrontation, Welsh 4 wins and 4 draws unbeaten, the most recent in March this year, the friendly match, when the ratio of 1 to shake hands and.

The Welsh group phase at the end of the round victory over Russia, midfielder Ramsey a one shot, breaking the 451 day national team goals, becoming the fifth European Cup a single game scoring and assists the player. Baer for the 3 round of group phase break, after Barash became the 2004 European Cup, the first 3 consecutive games scoring players scored 8 goals in nearly 9 games in the national team race, also became the highest scoring contest player Welsh (3 goals), national team goal reaching 22, tied with Saunders, Welsh tied for top scorer in the history of the fourth.

Northern Ireland in the final round of group phase small negative Germany coach O'neal still had 1 round victory over Ukraine's starting lineup. The whole game, Germany has two times hit the post, Northern Ireland defeated not really lucky. Finally, in Northern Ireland by virtue of goal difference advantage in 4 teams with 3 point talent shows itself group phase third ball in the top 16.

The British Isles team of civil war. History of the two teams clash 58 times, Welsh, 27 wins, 17 draws and 14 losses, neutral field wins in the 1.

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