Andy Club (PT) – spacific beast


Luk Fook is the Beast online slots of a 5 shaft with the first prize. This slot machine is similar to the consumer music game, the explosion 5 or more to win prizes. Blow up the road leading to the award, fiery bonuses waiting for you. Bonus link, log on to the official website experience!

Connect 5 or more in the horizontal and vertical direction adjacent to the same pattern can win double multiplier. The more you get, the more you win!


To connect 8 or more in the same manner[panda logo]To win the first prize in whole or in part! ForThe first prize []Proportion depends on bet size.


Luk Fook beast represent 6 kinds of animal. Birds, monkeys, dragons, snakes, tigers, pandas. Go into a game page to see 6 adorable animal suddenly Meng Meng Da your heart will.


Sure enough is the 6 blessing beast Oh, happy to win is always so cool!

If you have any questions in the course of the game, please contact us 7 x 24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you!

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