Holiday season championship


Holiday season is about to usher in more prizes! Two0000 yuan prize, you get! Members will be ranked in accordance with the points to win the cash double award!

Rules and provisions:
1 time to startNovember 17, Two016 08:00:00, as ofNovember Two3rd 07:Five9:Five9 (Beijing time). This activity is only applicable to all members of W88 dollars, Renminbi, youter vnd, Indonesian rupiah, Thai baht, ringgit, yen and won the registration.
Two this offer is only applicable to Jinzun club "holiday season" real money game (mobile phone version and the web version of betting).
3 the value of the same symbol in the game is as follows: 3:
Man x3 Fifteen
Woman x3 Ten
Turkey x3 Five

4 in the "holiday season" in the game of real money betting, effective scores of the minimum bet to meet the following requirements:

Dollar 0.Five
myr Two
RMB Five
The Thai Baht Two0
Yen Five0
South Korean won Five00
Indonesia RS Five,000
Viet-namese Dong Ten,000

7 bonuses distributed in 3 working days after the end of the discount to your wallet only 1 youter center, times of water withdrawals. We will notify you by mail or telephone.
8 youter W88 offers discounts only apply to the entertainment game player, W88 youter has the right at any time to all or a member to cancel this offer.
9 youter W88 general terms and rules apply to this offer.

First name RMB Five,600
第Two名 RMB 3,Two00
Third name RMB Two,600
Fourth name RMB 1,Two00
第Five-Ten名 RMB 600
第11-Five0名 RMB Ten0