UEFA Champions League 1\/4 final – Atletico Madrid VS Barcelona

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April 14, 2016 02:45Madrid VS BarcelonaThe two sides are expected to start:Atletico Madrid:Oblak, Juan, Fran, Hernandez, Godin, Felipe, Lewis, Saul, Kirk, Gaby, Correa, Callas, griezmann;Barcelona:Bravo, Alves, he, he, he, and she; and then, by the way of the works of the people's Republic of China, such as: the author of the article, the author of the thesis, the author, the author, the author, the author, the author, the author.

Youter western sports chupan: Barcelona - 0-0.5.

Ma Jing and Barcelona will usher in the fourth game of the season. Although the first three are Barcelona win ended, but this is a contest is the most important, it is not only related to the honor, is the only chance to qualify for the Champions League semi-finals. After a number of encounters, the two teams have no reservations in the field, both sides will make every effort to develop their own expertise so that the game in their own favorable direction.

Seven consecutive defeat to Barcelona, before this season three times all is reversed in the first to break the case, since Simonyi took over the team after only can let Atletico eat only the continuous cold-shoulder treatment barcelona. The current round of the Champions League quarter finals second leg against Atletico Madrid at the Calderon stadium, will usher in a war the most critical, the first leg of the 1-2 backward they must win in the home court, can successfully defend the Trident is placed in front of Simonyi and his defender gates are the most serious issue. Jimenez is not sure whether to play, but fortunately, Lucas has won the trust of the team. Simonyi the same offense to make adjustments, because Torres suspended, Gouriye Seidman partner will become Callas or Keleiya G. Of course, there is a situation, that is, the first two together.

Real Madrid have lost to Barcelona is not happy, did not expect to lose them again at the weekend, the royal society not only let Atletico Madrid's Champions League dream it is psychologically a stirring among the dry bones, great pressure to barcelona. The second leg of crown Enrique's team have to do is to fully prepare for war with Ma Jing in Europe, but lost two games in the League after they really can not intentnesses concern. The key lies in the promotion of Barcelona away goal, and this with the Trident play has a direct relationship.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game recommended Barcelona let flat half ball wins.