2016 lottery market Spring Festival announcement


According to the "lottery management regulations" (Ministry of finance, Ministry of civil affairs, the State Sports General Administration Order No. sixty-seventh) and the "Office of the State Council on 2016 part of the holiday notice" (SCS call 2015 No. 18) the relevant provisions of the 2016 Spring Festival holiday lottery market announcement.

First, the closing time for February 7, 2016 0:00 to 24:00 in February 13th.

During two, Hugh City, in addition to the instant lottery, stop the other types of lottery games, lottery and lottery sales. The lottery games, lottery Duijiang time arrangement, the lottery issuance and sales organization in advance to the public.

Three, during the period of the city, that is, the opening of the lottery sales activities or leisure arrangements, lottery sales agencies in accordance with the requirements of lottery issuers and local actual situation. If you decide to leave the city, lottery sales agencies to advance to the public notice. If you decide to carry out sales activities, it is necessary to develop a comprehensive and detailed sales plan, and strengthen safety management. At the same time, lottery sales agencies to fully respect the wishes of lottery sales agents, not forced to sell.

Four, lottery issuance and sales organizations to keep sales data form before closing, ensure data security; make full use of closed gap adjustment and maintenance of lottery sales system and equipment, ready for the holiday after the end of the lottery sales activities.